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not a question but some information...

am not a professional but thought these 2 syndromes are close to tourettes syndrome..i am 31 with a severe case of tourettes syndrome...ive been reading almost all of the posts on here that have to do with tourettes.. by the way, if its tourettes, dont stress out too much...its like alot of people say,time is on our side and even at 31(diagnosed at 10 yrs old) i am learning something new everyday!! as much as my tourettes can get in the way of my daily life, i try to use it daily to help others...whether its helping to educate people from my point of view,to just being there for someone as much as i can :) when i was 8 they tried to diagnose me with dystonia at first but realized my symptoms were not quite matching up with that! therefore at 10 i was diagnosed with TS after MANY different tests to rule anything and everything!! please please feel free to contact me at briecookie4u at yahoo com anytime someone might need something :)    



i have more info on both these syndromes as well as tourettes syndrome.. please dont hesitate to contact me.. i will also be going through brain surgery as soon as the hospital calls me and says hey, were ready for you to fly out!! (i almost cant wait :) )  this is my last resort as ive been on over 175 meds including some meds tried twice..
thank you and god bless everyone!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!! and KNOW that there are people out there ready and willing to be your shoulder :)
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