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toddler repetitive leg movement


my two year old has exhibited a repetitive and rhytmic leg movement for the past several months.  when he lies down, he crosses his right leg over his left, both toes are flexed upwards, and he proceeds to pulse his right leg up and down as if he's pushing on a gas pedal.  this can go on for a few seconds to several minutes.  his muscles seem quite tight as he does this.  if we tell him to stop, he can stop it but it resumes as soon as his attention is diverted elsewhere.  his development in all other areas has been fine.  he does not do it when he's busy or occupied but rather when he's alone or when he's lying down.  he does not do this when he's sleeping.  our family doc thought it might just be a habit but i'm not convinved.  any thoughts on this would be appreicated.
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From what I understand TOURETTEs doesn't even show up till age 6 +, sometimes 5, but it happens much later than your son. So he is able to control it? I would think maybe he is getting some sort of sensory pleasure out of it. What I would try is giving him an alternative behavior, such as sitting on a therapy ball and pushing into the floor bouncing him up and down, so his feet touch the floor. It also sounds like the sensation he needs is kind of like what it might feel like to jump on a bean bag. Maybe have a bean bag for him to play on. Sensory issues have to be allowed to develop, so that he can move forward on that and it should reduce or extinguish. If he only does that at night when lying down at bedtime, that really isn;t a bad thing. No one is seeing it and it really isn't inappropriate. Just offering him the bean bag before bed may reduce those actions at bedtime. I hope that made sense. I can try to think up some more ways. It just sounds like Sensory issues to me.
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thank you so much.  our family doc also thought a similar thing might be occuring that it is a way for him relieve some stress.  anyways, we are seeing a pediatrician in a few weeks just to check it out.  thanks.
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Hi Just wondering how you son when at the Drs? I have a two year old daughter that does the same sort of thing that you describe.  So far I have been to a nerologist and Peditrician and they both say she is Stimming but I'm not convinced.
Your response would be appreciated
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