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Eosophagal Verices - Querry

Hello Friends,

I am off the forum for quite some time and had my bit of Roller coaster ride in my life for last 2 years.

Initially diognised as a Liver Cirrhosis with one of the reputed hospitals in India and my Health was turning bad for quite some time and than came a surprise when i went to consult one of the better known hepatologist in our part of the country. He surprised me saying i Had a Overlap syndrome and my liver Cells were not that bad as diognised earlier and after undergoing treatment my hopes of living longer started and i felt more healthy and started felling far better.

Today was my quarterly checkup and on endoscopy i have been diognised with a High Grade eosophagal Verices and have been adviced to go for a banding. They suggest there are chances of the Varical bleeding to occur.

The query what i have is

1. Is the banding a temporary solution?

2. do the verices regress or go off once my health /liver condition gets better?

3. I Understand the verical bleeding will lead to the transplant. So incase of transplant in the post transplant period does the verices rgress or i have to live with them for ever?

Please suggest
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I remember seeing you a while back. I will try and answer your questions.

Is the banding a temporary solution?   As long as you are cirrhotic with portal hypertension yes, the banding is a temporary approach to lesson your chance of bleeding.

do the varices regress or go off once my health /liver condition gets better? If your liver architecture/histology would improve (you were no longer cirrhotic) your portal hypertension may decrease and therefore you wouldn't be at as a great of risk for variceal bleeding. One example of liver improvement is seen in Hepatitis patients who are cirrhotic. If treatment is effective and the Hepatitis c virus is eradicated the liver may improve and cirrhosis may regress to fibrosis. In that case varices may not be as significant a problem/risk.

So in case of transplant in the post transplant period does the varices regress or i have to live with them for ever? Assuming you were transplanted and your new liver was functioning properly then no, you would not have varices because you would not be cirrhotic and therefor you would have no portal hypertension.

Good luck,
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