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It Was A Miracle

No one could explain to me why, but after only one month on the list, I got a liver! It could be that I was that sick. I gained 42 lbs. of fluid due to Ascites. I also had a TIPS procedure which unfortunately didn't make any difference as to the gaining of fluid. I was being tapped weekly towards the end and several times they drained 10 liters. Obviously I was worried, but never gave up hope. When I finally landed in the hospital waiting for my transplant, a series of things went through my mind. Funny thing is, I was never afraid, but instead looking forward to the transplant. The doctors were surprised at my attitude because I was told that some people on the list change their minds at the last moment, and the liver given to someone else, their fate up to God.

The surgery was 6 hours and performed by a tall woman from Switzerland. Such an angel. She came to visit me several time in my hospital room after the transplant, and I asked her what my liver looked like when she removed it. She said "you don't want to know". My brother didn't tell me until after the transplant, that the doctor told him I had two months to live. One month by the time I got the liver. Do you believe in fate?

Nothing can compare to how happy I am 9 months after the transplant. I feel like I did long before the illness. It's a miracle to be sure. There is a site on the internet where you can leave a message as to your appreciation to the family of the donor. I will find it and post it. Obviously I'm taking Prograf, but reduced from 10mg to 4 mg daily and hopefully will be reduced further.

This was quite an experience. There were some complications, but short lived. The main one was the amount of fluid which stayed in my body 3 months after the transplant. There was so much on my abdomen, that I couldn't sleep laying down because of the pressure it put on my lungs, which stopped me from breathing. Just like the Elephant Man, I had to sleep in a chair for 2 1/2 months. Aside from that, I'm well now with no complications whatsoever, and am back entertaining again in Southern California. I wish everyone well and a long long life...


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My husband had his transplant in June, 2012. Unfortunately, his didn't go as smoothly as yours. But he thanks God everyday for his second chance at life. He says everyday he wakes up is his birthday.  A true miracle.

May you enjoy your new life!  Attitude is so important as you obviously know.
For those still waiting - stay positive and take good care of yourself.

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Good Luck !!!! Very Happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!
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It has now been 2 years and 5 months post transplant and all my blood work since the transplant has come back excellent. The doctor said I must have gotten a strong liver. I'm and entertainer and performing like I never had a transplant. Naturally I eat very healthy, work out 5 days a week with weights, no drinking and a great attitude.

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Please see invitation to HectorSF's memorial on Hep C, Cirrhosis or Post Treatment forums

I am so happy you are doing well
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