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Post Transplant Re-occurence of HCV ?

Hi All,

Just got off of the phone with my TP coordinator and got some disturbing news...

My ALT and AST having been rising rather rapidly in the past 10 days or so and...

They want me to come in asap for an ultrasound and a PCR...

As you know (or can gather from my profile) I had HCV, went through 48 months of triple treatment and had clean PCRs from around week 4.

I completed the 48 weeks in February of 2013, and 6 months later still had negative PCR. Both of my TP evaluations required PCR's and they were negative as well.

I was under the impression that clearing the virus before transplant reduced the odds of a re-occurrence to near zero.

Needless to say I am kind of freaked out about this possibility !

Does any one have any good information on this (i.e. statistics on number of people who were HCV+ prior to transplant, but cleared the virus prior to transplant, who then developed HCV post transpant) ?

Is this a case of the so-called occult virus ?

Thank you in advance


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I'm no doctor but I've done a lot of reading and conversing with other Heppies. As you probably know AST and ALT levels can vary almost daily. I also read the virus can hide under a viral load test. This is why that even though you've cleared, you are advised to never donate blood. Best to speak to a transplant doctor and a GI both. The new Solvadi drugs should be released any day now. I hope for the best for you...  

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Congratulations on receiving your liver transplant. My husband had his transplant in June 2013.  In August, 2013, he got a call that there was a problem with his labs. Turns out he he had a blockage of the hepatic artery. They had to go back in and repair it, unfortunately leaving him with permanent  bile duct damage.
My point is that your increased liver function lab results may be signaling a problem that needs to be fixed. This is common in transplants. So don't assume the virus is back. It may simply be bile duct issues that need to be addressed.
Keep us posted.

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Time flies. Seems like yesterday but my husband's transplant was actually in June, 2012 and he got the call two months later.

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Speaking of Hepatic Artery, before my transplant, I had a TIPS procedure to resolve my artery problem. Unfortunately for me it didn't work. On my last visit with my transplant doctor, I asked if I could stop the low dose every other day aspirins. He said no and mentioned the hepatic artery. I don't know what the correlation there is between the two. He also mentioned everyone past the age of 60 should do at least every other day baby aspirins to help avoid heart and stroke problems. I took his advice...

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Hi there! I just stumbled across this site.  I am sorry to hear there is another problem.
From what my doctor told me at my last appointment, they are now considering anyone clear of the virus at 3 months cured.
I don't think it is back, I think there might be another problem like Nan said.
I hope is just a fluke, I have had plenty of those or wouldn't believe it myself :)  Take care my friend
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hello brian,

do you have any news regarding your situation?

Best wishes to you
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