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Some celebrities who underwent liver transplants...

Steve Jobs - Apple Computers (originally had a tumor in his pancreas, which then spread to the liver before he died)
David Crosby - Crosby Stills & Nash (he’s still touring)
John Phillips - The Mamas and Papas
Evel Kneivel - Motorcycle Stunt Man
Mickey Mantle - Baseball Player
Jack Bruce - Bass Player for the Cream
Shelley Fabares - Actress
Freddy Fender - Singer (deceased)
Billy Graham - Pro Wrestler
Larry Hagman - Actor (TV series Dallas)
Phil Lesh - Founder of the Grateful Dead
Jim Nabors - Actor
Linda Lovelace - Porn Star
Robert Casey - Governor of Pennsylvania

As an added note, Tennessee has the shortest waiting period for liver transplants. That’s where Steve Jobs went...
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Lou Reed
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Yes, I forgot. I believe he only lasted 4 months or so post-transplant. There are reasons people have to have their livers transplanted again. I consider myself lucky. A friend in Chicago should consider himself very lucky. He had a transplant a year before me and recently survived a double pneumonia. The beat goes on for me...

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I also forgot Gregg Allman of the Allman Bros.

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Curtis Salgado
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Who is Curtis Salgado?

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Curtis was the inspiration for "The Blues Brothers"....

He lives here in the Pacific NW....


Just got some disturbing news...see new post...
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What new post?

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