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ef after heart transplant

I had transplant last year I am 21 years old and my ejection fraction went up to 65% within 2 months , last week I had another stress echo and it is going down again  now at 45%  exercise portion of the test looked good but EF down.  Anyone experience this ? I am really worried as this was what happened when I was first diagnosed with heart problem  Can it happen again??  Please answer
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You would be surprised just how well a transplanted heart can hold up. My daughter has been through 3 bouts of Congestive Heart Failure with her heart and she's still alive. One of her BNPs reached almost 8000 with a normal of 0-100! An EF% of 45 really isn't too bad, normal is 50-70%. What does your transplant team say about all of this? Are you in any rejection? From what I can gather, having CHF with a transplanted heart isn't common. No one in our therepy group has had this happen and when I questioed the group (of about 20 patients) everyone looked pretty stunned at the idea that that could even happen. I've even posted this question here on the transplant forum and got no replies, so I don't think it's really common. Take care
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