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anyone heard or had treatment of interferon when your bad liver is removed and new/used one installed
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Yes, !!! you can treat with interferon/riba after TP !!

Congrats !!!!!

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no transplant yet. on the top of the list.
what i was talking about was a clinical study im going to be in where im given riba hours before transplant then when my bad liver is removed ill be given interferon before good liver goes in, guess im be one of the first in this trial. no interferon will be needed after transplant if this works.
hope its soon.
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I've never heard of this before, never.
This is something new to me.   I don't understand?

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Hang in there pal! I have heard of such studies, but I don't know of any useful data right now. It is an intriquing theory. The idea, I believe, is to get the virus so low and contained that your own suppressed immune system, after Transplant, will overcome it.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. If successful, you will not need to go through months of interferon and riba after transplant.

Good luck.
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Thank you Brent for the explanation...it really is interesting to
say the least. Thank you ! I can't find any studies on this subject and
I'm really interested.

Passagrille......Please let us know how things proceed....and please know
I wish you nothing but the very best outcome possible.

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I've heard of something similar recently:  that a small group of patients who received enough meds prior to TP to suppress VL remained virus-free after TP (but not all).  I'll see if I can dig up the studies -- I'll post when I do.  ~eureka
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