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Best jobs for people with TBI's (Traumatic Brain Injuries)?


My mom suffered a TBI from a car accident about 14 years ago now. She is in her late 50's, almost 60 and she has now decided she wants to go back to work. She mainly wants a job for supplemental extra income and really to give her something to do. She has no college education, her only work experience has been has a hairstylist (she had been one for about 30 years prior to the accident) she refuses to do that anymore though.

Some of the pros: She is very outgoing, loves to talk, she is timely, she does have some means of transportation (my dad), she is friendly and she is a good listener. She has year of experience in a salon and some in an office.

She hasn't worked in over 20 years. She cannot stand for long periods of time, has very little patience, she often has difficulty understanding rather simple instructions and difficulty picking up on social cues, she doesn't understand sarcasm no matter how obvious it is for example, she takes it very personally. She often has temper tantrums, as in actual outbursts that a 2 year old might have. In general she is hard to tolerate and can easily get on your nerves. I fear that her coworkers would not want to put up with her. She is also quits tasks that she perceives to be difficult very easily. She has a very short attention span.

For those who know someone who has a TBI or have a TBI themselves and have experienced or know someone who has experienced these hurdles, what is the best job for someone with a TBI like this? I was thinking perhaps a call center? Advice?
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If she is on social security look up the ticket to work program . That might be what she will need. They can provide training  in other areas of interest and will also help find jobs.
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Contact your local TBI agencies.......or perhaps Goodwill industries. You would be amazed at just how many private/public agencies there are for those with TBI. Unfortunately, none could help me, but I am much more of a pain in the *** rather than a TBI victim.
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