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Eye Injury causes concussion and migraines

My 12 year old son, Ben, suffered a concussion in April 2008 when he was hit with a line drive hardball in his left eye while playing baseball. The impact of the ball caused the concussion, and the shape of his pupil is now oval. I took him to a pediatric opthamologist who did a thorough exam. He said there is no lasting damage other than the shape of the pupil, but he needed glasses. When he "recovered" from the concussion three weeks later, he tried to go back to baseball but could no longer judge the speed and distance of the ball. He had to quit. He has been moody and pesting ever since the concussion. He had slight headaches while recovering, but nothing I was concerned with. In the past 2 months he has begun to get migraines. They were hit and miss there for a while, but now it takes nothing to cause a severe migraine. I have been sitting and talking with him when it seems as though severe fatigue washes over him, and immediately the headaches begin. He will be down and out for about three days when they hit him. He has already missed 16 days of school this year due to the headaches. He had a CAT Scan and MRI which all seem normal. The pediatric neurologist gave him Amitriptoline, which makes his headaches worse. The Neurologist does not believe this. This child is not faking this - I have seen it with my own eyes. I do not know who to go to anymore. Can you suggest someone or a clinic on the East Coast where I would be able to get a thorough exam and some solutions?
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I understand and completely believe your story. I suffered a "concussion" by a rocket blast (explosion) in Baghdad in April 2008. Initially, I had some headaches and ringing in my ears but my migraines started in earnest in late June 2008--two months after injury. As for me, the my Migraines have just now began to stabilize a bit with drug therepy (Topamax), but still can be debilitating.

My MRI was normal too. I wish I had better news....just don't let anyone convince you that because an MRI is normal you don't have a bona fide injury. I had to fight that stigma to get treatment-- there are cases out there of folks with injuries that don't show up on MRIs.....I'm living proof...one of many. Don't give up, you need to find a neurologist who will take your son seriously....take it from one who knows...migraines can wear you down to nothing...they can be quite debilitating and need to be dealt with.

Best of luck to you.

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I had a concussion about two years ago from when I was hit by a truck, and now I have a traumatic brain injury, and like the first comment I take Topamax, which helps with the migraines a lot. But maybe your son should go see different doctors, and probably see the best doctors there are to offer. I know from experience that when seeing the second rate doctor you're only going to get second rate answers, and when you see the best doctor there is, it's like the heavens have opened up and shown you the light.
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