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Head injury

I have a head injury due to a fall 5 years ago. Symptoms are acute sensitivity to noise which causes migranes. motion sickness and nausea. I no longer can work because of this. I also cannot travel or be in a crowded environment because I will get a severe headache and nausea. I have seen many neurologists regarding my condition. They continue to prescribe different types of medication with no success. I have also had acupuncture and chiropractic care. Are there any other forms of treatment to try? I just want to live a normal life again.
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Maybe this will help: 1) My boyfriend is a doctor in the SF east bay who gets vertigo (sensation of things spinning) ,motion sickness, and nausea, whenever he falls backward. He is very sensitive to noise, and he was told to go to an ear,nose and throat doctor. They set up special sessions in a chair and in moving him in it, diagnosed the problem and worked to manipulate some little bones in the middle ear which helped quite a bit. He also carries nondrowsy Dramamine around in case he needs it. He also refers to it as a vagal nerve response.

2) I wonder if you have access to a practitioner of the Tibetan healing touch in your area. I had leg surgery and was in pain for 2 1/2 wks until a nurse who had just left a workshop on it asked to try it out on me in the Boston University library where I was elevating it. It was amazing. In 10 mins. my pain was negligible and this lasted 2-3 days,  and never going back to near the level of pain for the rest of the healing period.

It seems worth a shot. They don't actually touch you, they 'feel' the messed up nerve impuses and help channel them or align them. Anyway it seemed to organize things in my leg. I was told originally I'd probably have pain or arthritis there and it just healed so well I have age related arthritis in my hips but not that ankle!
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Thanks for the info.I did see an ENT right after I fell at that time they were checking to see if I had an inner ear concussion.I am not aware of a practitioner of the Tibetan healing touch in my area,but I am going to look in to it.Thanks again
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