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Lazy Eye's, Diagnosed "Post Concussive Syndrome"

I am writing in desperation and fear that my eye's will get worse if I don't figure out what is wrong. My right eye feels lazy at times, or that I am sometimes going crossed eye'd when attempting to change focus from something close to something far. Over time its gotten that I am beginning to get used to this abnormal feeling of focus in my eyes. People claim they can't see the difference or that my eyes look normal. But I've taken a few pictures and my right eye seems to drift off a bit and before my fall I NEVER had issues with a wondering eye/s.
In August of last year I fell off a porch and the back of my head slapped the concrete pretty hard. I immediately developed a goose egg about the size of a baseball. I did not go to the doctor right away, I ended up going in a few days after my initial fall and was diagnosed with a concussion.
Day 3 post fall, the goose egg gave me a burning sensation when touched. I began feelings anxious randomly and extremely dizzy every time I would wake up in the morning to the point of falling back onto the bed a few times until able to gain my balance to get up. While at work one afternoon(a week post fall) I was shifting my attention from looking at a 45 degree angle at my computer screen and then back up at my coworker who was standing in front of my desk. After about a third glance back and forth, I felt this extreme pressure in my right eye, It almost felt as if my eye was "stuck". I had looked down from the computer screen at a piece of paper in my hands and closed my eyes for a few seconds. The pressure went away but I had a lingering discomfort. I had feelings of anxiousness when stressful scenarios came about at work, but this feeling was extremely different.
When I fell, the goose egg formed on the mid left side of the back of my head, which seemed to be right over scull protecting the occipital lobe/partial lobe area. I went to the doctor the next day he ordered a CT head scan and diagnosed me with post concussive syndrome . CT scan came back normal. I've also gone to the ophthalmologist and was told my eyes looked normal, no damage to retina or cornea etc. I also had a sit down with the neurologist and he said everything in my scan came back normal and that the symptoms I've described were due to the Post Concussive Syndrome, and they will eventually subside. Im very afraid that if I don't seek the right care that my eye will get worse. Its feeling that when I am tired or stressed my eyes feel lazy or maybe its just something I am fearful it is getting worse, The thought of my eyes appearing cattywampus, wondering eye, or lazy eye when speaking to someone or going about my day is the worst feeling, I can't even begin to describe it. Anxiety and Insomnia are fading away but this is lingering and I'm worried it may get worse if i don't seek the appropriate help.ANY ADVICE is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for all feedback in advance.  
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