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hit/bruise on dide of head above ear

Hi, my question relates to being hit in the side of the head.   yesterday (aprox 30 to 35 hours ago) I was hit in the side of the head with a ladder, just above my right ear.  The initial pain was relatively minimal perhaps equivalent to a decent bump on the head via walking into something at head height and hence i continued work without any concern.  last night after work i started to get a mild but none the less somewhat disconcerting headache and noticed a small lump tender to touch above my ear.  Originally I thought it was a swollen lymph node as I have bee stressed regarding exams in a few days time however to today I remembered that I was hit in the head with the ladder.  I have been feeling lethargic and headache has slightly worsened with slight discomfort around lump finishing at my right eye.....should I be concerned, Is it potentially serious? and if I go to doctors after work tomorrow is this sufficient? Thanks
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The bump could be a soft tissue swelling due to the hit. This can remain painful for a few days and cause headaches too. If you develop persistent nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms develop if there is a brain injury or bleed. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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hi I was hit from behind on my bicycle and struck in the head and side hip, had a helmet on witch was broke on the left rear side,  out cold, and could not move my legs for about 4 hours but could feel when they were touched, right leg came back first then left leg and arm, but I had no control of them as though they were asleep, ct scan was ok except for something in my sinouses, like an infection and something swollen,two days later my headaches became very bad on the right side of my head temple area and eye eyes, I began to have these like electric jolts that make different parts of my body jump, almost like a small jolt, back also tingles at times, my speech is bad in that I like pause and have difficulty getting out a word, bad short memory, loss of balance, still two months later I will fall backwards when I close my eyes or tilt my head to the side, Dr just keeps increasing my meds,Venlafaxine 37.5 three/day, Clonazepam .5 at night cauce I cant sleep more then 3 hours at a time.my vision is off aligned,and very slow to focus, loss of hearing in right ear, every one keeps telling me maybe I had a clott/ stroke, my blood pressure is excellet, What tests can I have done to see if I have a brain injury,, and is that not what a concusion is? is it just that a brain injury, I have an MRI in two months but going crazy and depressed in the mean while,,,,
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