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lump on back of skull right side

I have a lump on the right side of my skull at the base. It is a little bigger than a dime it is hard like bone and is only tinder around it like a bruse. i have not hit anything it just appeared, what could it be?  
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Hi there.

There are a number of possibilities for this, but most likely this can be a tendinitis which reflects an inflammation of the muscle tendons attaching to this site of the skull.  This is mostly caused by stress, fatigue or muscle overuse.  This can be addressed through rest, and intake of anti-inflammatory medications.

Another possibility is an enlarged lymph node which is usually due to an infection somewhere in the vicinity (usually in the scalp area).

To narrow down the possibilities, you can have this looked at by your doctor.

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Hi there, I also have a hard nonmovable lump/mass on the right occipital area of the skull. I have pain with palpation and at times radiates pain up the skull on the same side. It is about 3 cm in size and has not gotten larger since appearing 2 weeks ago. I have pain along that side of the neck and shoulder with a headache everday for the last week or so. I have a lot of pressure throughout my entire head especially my face, maybe sinuse infection. Im not sure who to seek for the this problem. I dont want to be passed from Dr. to Dr due to being uninsured.
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i have the exact same thing you described except on the left side of the back of my head.  ive had a "burning" pain around the area for about 3 weeks that never goes away, almost like a constant headache without the throbbing.  i felt a small hard lump against the bone on the left back side of my head toward the center.  the pain also radiates up my skull to the left corner and center of the back of my head and sometimes into my lower jaw. i always feel burning and sometimes tingling. it is always on the left side.  it hurts more when pressed.  have you found out anything about this?  
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i have the same problem, the tested me for meningitis, but thats not what it was. it hurts and has caused blurred vision, headaches, and tightness through my neck and upper back around my shoulders...
Hello Kayla.  
My name is also Kayla. Do you have any kids??  What makes you think this hard bump is related to the blurry vision we are experiencing?
I had perfect eye site before my two kids. Idk if this bump was there then.  Also uninsured.. Dont have the time to focus on me and a doctor right now. I'm obviously not dying. I just assumed that maybe my headache was from stress, or not enough food, but even on good days I get the worst headaches and it ruins my day. I just discovered this bump maybe a month ago. It's tender and hurting now, so I decided to look into it online.  Please let me know if anyone has figured out what this is and how to get rid of it!
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Did any of you figure out was going on. I have had the same issue for years and have to take pain meds daily and no Dr. seems to have any good idea.
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I know this  post is very old, but I have the same hard lump on the right side of my head causing headaches and possibly slightly blurred vision occasionally. Any ideas/answers?
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did anyone figure out what it was? i have same symptoms
I too, have some of the very same symptoms, in the rear, right side, on the bottom/base of my skull. A burning-tingling type of pain. This seems unusual for so many to have the same issue. Has anyone here aware if they've been exposed to toxic black mold? And has anyone received a diagnosis? Also, of anyone has additional symptoms that they're relating to this, ie Dizziness, Vertigo, brain fog, lack of short term memory, lack of word finding, Vertigo, etc., If so, please comment back and let us all know. Thank you so much!  
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I too have had these symptoms for over a year. My lump is on the back right side, and is ninmovable and hard as bone. It has grown a bit. I have dizzy spells, brain fog and short term memory problems. I have been exposed to black mold in our previous home. I’ve been too scared to see a doctor.
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Help i have a lump the right side, back of my head. It's not in the middle or anything. I told my mom about it and she touched my skull, then said every one has it and both side of my head has it. But i felt it myself i didn't feel bothside have it. It doesn't hurt at all when i touch it. i'm just worried cuz the position is different than others in this page
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did anyone ever find out what it is? I have the same thing... it radiates pain forward and hurts when I touch it.
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