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Sensation of Fever but nothing on the thermometer


My husband has been feeling the sensation of having fever on his forehead, but when I measure his temperature, it is below 37°C.

That sensation comes suddenly, lasts a couple of days and goes with no other symptoms. He says he feels nothing else, except for the fever sensation.

We have traveled a lot through South and Central America, but we do not live in a tropical environment. Is it possible that it could be malaria or something like that?
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A few questions for you:

1. When was the last time that you traveled to an area where malaria is present?
2. What country was this? and how long were you there? Did you take prophylactic medicine (to prevent) malaria?
3. Does your husband have any other symptoms in addition to his forehead feeling warm for a couple days? For example, does he have chills, sweats, or headache? Abdominal pain? Weight loss? cough?
4. How old is your husband and does he have any other medical problems? Does he take any medications?

~ Dr. Parks

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