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I just finished reciveing rabies shots. They gave me at day 0 , 2 shoots  at day 7 , 1 shoot and day 21, 1 shoot.
2-1-1 regime.
First day gave me Rabipur vaccine and last dose they gave me HDC vacc. because I have had a 37.3 C fever before vaccination They did EBV and CMV tests , I am waiting results.

Now, my questions are :
-can something happen to me by changeing type of vacc( is it not going to work, or it is going to react somehow wrong or etc)
-can i get rabies by vaccination ?? ( if no why ; how come?they are injecting virus)
-can I transmitt rabies while getting PET for rabies because of vaccine, antibodies injected virus and etc, if yes/no why
by kissing, contact or intimate contact..

I am a little worried and no one worned me about that or gave me info.

thanx a lot
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1. You cannot acquire rabies from the rabies vaccine.
2. The only way for you to transmit rabies is if you have actually become infected from an exposure to the virus (from a bite or exposure to infected saliva)
3. It is a standard practice to try to complete the vaccine series with an alternative vaccine if a person has a reaction to the vaccine.

~ Dr. Parks

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