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Bilateral nerve pain in scalp

I have unusual sharp pain in both sides of my temple area that are incapacitating.  I also have weird pressure on the left side of my nose near my eye that eventually changes to pain.  Triggers include, a breeze, cold temperatures, drinking a cold drink and touching anywhere on my scalp, such as washing my hair, etc.  I am have MS but the doctor says that the MRI does not show lesions in an area that would effect the trigeminal nerve and it is unusual for it to be on both sides for other causes.  I have also had pain in my left ear and teeth on the left side that have no apparent cause.  One of the weirdest things that has come along with these attacks is an involuntary jerking of my head and left arm with severe deep sharp pain that runs from my left shoulder down my arm and into my hand.  I have been tested for so many things and no one can find the cause and nothing that they have tried for treatment has helped.  I have even tried anti-virals to see if it was shingles, since I had had shingle twice in a 2 year span before this began.  However, the shingles was never anywhere near my head, it was on my torso both times.   The antivirals did not help the scalp pain.  It has gone away for months at a time and comes back.  Right now it is back with a vengeance.  I have even had MRI's of my neck and spine and the MS is not there.  I do have degenerative disc disease from C-3 through C-7 but apparently they did not think that was the cause.  I do not have an abnormal SED rate.  I do have multiple other autoimmune diseases, including severe hasimoto's.  I have always wondered if they can effect the SED rate results, because my Neurologist keeps coming back to tests for Vascular conditions.  If ANYone has any clue of what might be wrong with me or what else I should look into, please let me know.  Thank you.
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