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Can TN be caused by dental work?

I have been diagnosed with TN for a most a year now.  In researching it, i keep hearing dental could be a cause, or could not.  My personal experience is I got it after visiting a new dentist because my regular dentist was out with back surgery.  I had the MRI and do not have MS, tumor, or aneurysm.  
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Hi Sam.

From all of my research and visits with a world renowned MD on TN ( E.TarloveMD, Lahey Clinic Boston) It is very unlikely that the TN was caused by your dentist. ALTHOUGH he/she may have triggered the pain responce.   MANY Many folks with TN (other than from shingles) will often mistake the pain as being dental related and have some major tooth work done and still no relief from the pain, or have the pain aggvated.  

My TN was caused from shingles,  Before the lesions apprared ( 4 days before) I felt like I was getting an abscess tooth.  Because it was a long weekend I thought I'd just wait and call for appointment asap Mon am.   I called and got the appointment  for later that same day.   When I got out of the shower I noticed three small pimples just below my nose.   Within a few minutes this became a bright red line heading towards my eye.   I called my PCP and she saw me right away and had me see my opthomoligist ASAP as well. By the time I saw him at 12:15, the lessions were almost covering the right side of my face.   Since that day the pain has been constant.

That was three years ago and I have some sort of pain 24/7...often feeling like bee stings near my lipsand nose, but at times it can cover my whole face.   I have seen my dentist for real dental issues and only at my last visit did the TN become an issue.  

As this last dental vist TRIGGERED a very painful full blown relapse, I am very concerned about having more dental work done.  I have a great dentist, and he did nothing wrong.  The TN causes my teeth to hurt, and of course a bad tooth can canuse the TN pain as well.

This is a puzzel for me as I really need some dental work, but do not want another painful episode like the last one.   I am trying to find a Dentist that really understand TN.  Yes Sedation Dental is available, BUT THAT Does not help with afterafffects of the dental work and the pain IT triggerd.

I hope this helps you!

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