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How do you treat the constant headaches and pain of trigeminal neuralgia?

I have just been diagnosed with TN. I have had a cat scan and MRI is scheduled. I am on 1200mg/day of Gabapentin. It has helped some but it has not got rid of pain.  My pain has a somebperiods where I get a sudden sharp pain in my right ear but I always have a dull, throbbing aching pain in my jaw, cheek, ear, temple. Always with a horrible headache as well. The pain is just unrelenting. I was just wondering how others deal with this?
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Which version of TN were you diagnosed with?  Were you diagnosed without an MRI?  What type of doctor diagnosed you?
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A neurologist diagnosed me with the trigeminal neuralgia. I was diagnosed based on my symptoms. I am scheduled for MRI tomorrow
What did the MRI show? I have constant pain also and I can't get in to the neurologist for another 3 weeks. I have already been on Neurontin so they added carbamazepine. She gave me some Vicodin for two days worth while the carbamazepine builds up... but so far, I'm still in constant pain that the Vicodin only barely relieves.
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