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New research for neuropathic pain

New research for neuropathic pain. This video interview with Dr. Allan Basbaum discusses the possibility of replacing damaged Gabba cells with new functioning ones, thus virtually eliminating neuropathic pain. This video also provides a good explanation of the different types of pain: acute/chronic/inflammatory/ and neuropathic as well as Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Hopeful and informative.

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Thank you.  That was great enlightening video. I wonder when this research will start to become more main stream.  I read your article about time too.. I always wonder how to have a little fun and pay my bills and clear the house of paper, paper,  paper , everywhere paper.  So I am appreciative of both links.  And I like to paint too, which I must do more of.  Any activity like that  helps to take the pain away.

485259 tn?1519047026
Hi Susan,
I'm glad you found the videos helpful. Dr. Ken Kasey is doing quite a bit of research in this area so hopefully it will become more mainstream in US, it is more so in Canada and Europe, I think. Maybe not mainstream, but more established than here.

Doing something enjoyable is a good distraction, isn't it? Just have to make the first steps to do it some days and once you get going it does help.
Thanks for the feedback, enjoy your day.
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