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Numbness / Tingling of face

numbness / tingling left side of face from under left nostril along nose to outer left lip up to lower left eyelid.  Has last for about 8 days now and had dull headache for about 5 days before tingling set in which started above upper left lip and spread over 2 days to are described above.
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I am sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms, and for so long.
A few questions for you:
Do you have any pain? As in throbbing, sharp, electric, stabling, in any facial area other than your headache?
Have you had any illness/trauma/injury or dental work done recently?
Does anything help (pain relievers, heat, ice) to provide relief and if so, what?
Does anything make it worse, a trigger, such as temperature, noise, chewing, touch?
Is it only on one side of your face? Is there any paralysis or drooping?
Have you been to see a doctor yet?

I apologize for all the questions but they are important ones.
8 days is a long time to go with such symptoms. Answer the questions at least to yourself to narrow things down, and see a doctor if you have not done so already. There are so many causes of facial and head pain, it is hard to diagnose even for doctors right away sometimes. But it is best to rule things out, have access to diagnostic tools and/or deal with them should they require urgent medical attention.  Best of luck to you, feel better soon
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Here is a diagram of the nerves in the face and skull if that is helpful.
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