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Other treatment options for TN pain

Just wanted to say that my TN pain had been helped by a physical therapist several years ago.  After 3 months of treatment I was pain free.  Now the TN is back and this time I'm seeing an upper cervical chiropractor (NUCCA) and have been improving so far.  My TN seems to be directly related with muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder.

My MRIs showed no cause of the pain (no MS or tumor, etc), and an NSAID does diminish my pain, which is unlike TN.  However when I do have the pain it is electric shocks jabbing at my jaw, attacking me to where I can do nothing but lie on my back until it stops.  

In some cases of TN it seems to be caused by something else, perhaps cervical in nature, a misfiring or miscommunication between the cervical nerves and the trigeminal nucleus?  If the cause of your TN pain is unknown you might want to look into other avenues like upper cervical chiropractor or physical therapy.  Sometimes it's dental related but I think a good upper cervical chiropractor can help you sort that out.
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For TN, do alternative nostril breathing (Anulom Vilom pranaym) for up to 30 minutes twice a day. Keep your eyes closed when doing this breathing. You can also, keep both palms on the ears , breathe in and do humming sound. Kalms the jaw area and the brain. Do the humming 11 times daily. If you have time do more of what I have suggested. It will be good when you can gain control over TN.
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