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Hello and thank you for reading this. I am a 25 year old man. I have been experiencing some very scary symptoms the last couple years and don't know where to turn to next. For the last 3 years I have been experiencing pain in my head on and off. The longest it stayed was 8 months, but it also has lasted as little as a week. This pain is not your normal headache. What I am experiencing is a sharp "jolt" type pain that last only half a second then its gone. The "jolts" are painful enough to stop me in my tracks and literally jerk my body because it hurts so bad. They happen multiple times a minute on some days and it has taken control of my life. On top of the "jolts' I also have head pressure, almost like something is inside my head and also a feeling of not being able to keep my eyes open. I am not sensitive to light like a migraine, but I cant keep my eyes from squinting. The "jolt" pains feel like they are coming VERY deep within my ears on both sides, almost like its coming from the center of my brain.I have seen 3 different neurologists and I've had all the testing you could imagine. Blood work, MRA, MRI, CT Scan. I've also seen a dentist ,cardiologist, rheumatologist and three different ENT's but to no avail. All my tests and scans come back completely normal and my ENT's say there is absolutely nothing wrong with my ears. After trying multiple medications like Nortriptoline, Lyrica, and others I saw no improvement and decided to go with an Occipital nerve decompression surgery. Unfortunately this did not work either. I just really don't know where to turn to next. My neurologist wants to keep trying different meds. He said "Gabapenton" will be next. But as I'm waiting for medication to build up in my body which can take up to a month, I'm suffering the whole time. Going all day with a feeling of something in my head and the horrible horrible "jolts" or "zaps" that would bring me to my knees if it lasted any more than the split second that it does. My dentist said its not TMJ because I can move my jaw around perfectly without it triggering those "jolts". The only other thing my Neurologist said it may be is Trigeminal neuralgia. Now all the research I did on TN showed me that its facial zaps and pains but I have no facial pain. My research also showed me that these "zaps" can feel like its coming from in your ear. What do you guys think? Do you think that this can be TN? and if not, any ideas? Thanks so much for taking the time to read.
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Not sure about the "jolts" but I get dull, achy pain in my ears.  Then I get an initial stabbing sensation in my eye.  Unfortunately, the stabbing turns into a pain that feels like a knife is churning.  
I would say the initial stab could be considered a jolt like pain, when it starts.
It is pretty intense.  I am in the same boat you are in with many Dr's no answeres.  
Wanted you to know your not alone and I will let you know if something gets figured out.
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Try this to help with head pain:
Shashank asan - sit on a chair- breathe in and raise both hands up, hold 3 seconds, breathe out and take head and hands down towards the floor, hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
Anulom vilom pranayam 10 to 30 minutes twice a day(see google) with eyes closed.
Sarvang asan shoulder stand 5 times
Chant Om 5 times
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