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CAN ANYONE help me i am looking for someone who can understand what i am going through who can help me from feeling so alone in my condition TN. To understand when i am down and what agony i am in. I would be there for your bad day's too to  offer support or just be there!  
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I had TN for years just had surgery no more pain  for more infmation  email me
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Hello I am a sufferer of TN..the pain was so exscrutiating I began to have suicidal thoughts...I am a young mother with three small children and a husband. My family watched me suffer day and night...i dont know how i got through it...the pain medicine only took me so far and gave so much of a relief..the rest was The Almighty. I literally wanted to die. I couldnt sleep, eat, drink, rest....I was absolutely miserable...To those who suffer from this, you are not alone..it one of the most difficult types of pain to control ....i literally felt like i was being tortured. I tell people all the time that I gave birth to an eleven pound baby naturally and I'd rather do that over and over again before i repeat having TN  pains again..i mean, thats how bad mines were..i felt so alone...i felt like no one understood me....just hang in there and do lots of praying, trusting and believing...believe that there are better answers out there..........
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No you are not alone. Especially here where you will find supportive friends who understand what you are going through. Sharing our  experiences and knowledge will not only get us through it, but we will learn from each other along the way. I know this from my experience here but on another forum for a different condition. I could not have gotten through it without them. It stinks that I am back on here with a different medical problem, but I knew immediately where to turn. I just got diagnosed with TN resulting from shingles on my head and am only 4 days on Gabapentin. Time will tell. Neuro appt next week. I will update you all if I have anything valuable to share. I hope you find relief from your pain, and know you are not alone.
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Todd, you are definately not alone.  I am new to this site and have found there is not a lot of activity on this page.  You can feel free to get in touch with me any time when you are down.  I have dealt with this for 4 years exactly next week.  
My TN was caused by a surgery to remove a benign tumor.  For the first couple of years, I felt I dealt with it very well. Well, as well as you can with lightning bolt pains!  Moving from drug to drug to find a combination that works for me.  After being let down because they did not work or the side effects were too much, my ability to deal with it has gotten a lot worse.  Especially lately.  I do not know anyone with this condition so it is difficult to confide my true feelings with someone.  
With all that being said, I would like to offer an olive branch of friendship to you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
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