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Trigeminal Nerve

For 3 months, my tongue, gum, lips, nostril, cheek, eye, forehead, ear on right side are numb.  Recent MRI shows cavernous malformation in upper PONS appears "swollen" and has a developed a "rim" due to "seeping" when compared to last MRI.  Am taking Lyrica 400 mg/day for Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Neurologist  also prescribed meclizine for balance issues - this takes the edge off.  Been told surgery is not an option.  What, if anything can I do to alleviate these symptoms?  My eyes are not synced - my right eye only blinks once for every 3 times my left blinks.  My right ear seems clogged/heavy.  the neuralgia is severe.  I also have pins/needles in my arms/legs.  I welcome any suggestions.
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Hi there,
I have the numbness and had a lot of triggers before I started looking into different options-- I was desperate..
I'm still on topamax and need to be but I noticed that reducing my grain intake (if you read grain brain) helped my pain, acne and overall inflammation in my body which made it much more tolerable. Additionally I added supplements, ant inflammatory, to help calm things down (I had migraines, balance issues from my surgery, a number of things)... Every once in a while I still get a jolt if its too hot, or a food is too spicy, but I feel normal.
As with anything you have to be careful, supplements can affect how medications break down or work, and always discuss your plan with your doctor.
Also never rule out medication side effects, if you start to feel worse, maybe try a different medication (going off of Prozac resolved my migraines), guess it just didn't agree with me...
I was 25 and on 15 pills a day, looking at another surgery.. I'm 29 on 3 pills : )
This is what worked for me, hopefully it helps you in some way.. Best of luck!

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