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I have Late Stage or Chronic Lyme Disease (I hope you are a Doctor that believes that there is such a thing!). I had major symptoms come on me which finally after 19+ years helped me to find the right MD to diagnose and start treatment for me. Besides first time migraines, light sensitivity, severe sound sensitivity, I also started having severe pain in my trigeminal nerve (both sides of my face)... From a point in front of my ear going up over my eyebrow, directly under my cheek bone, and above my jaw bone.  I have been put on meds that help but I continue to have pain along with a blocked eardrum on the one side of my head. It was also the side of my face that I had a shingles outbreak (on the inside if my cheek.)     ?Does this have a large degree of seriousness or do I just keep plugging along?
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I developed bilateral TN after being infected with Lyme as well. It has been 4 years now. My daughter and I were both infected, and we now both have late stage, chronic Lyme. My LLMD and neurosurgeon both agree that it was Lyme that caused my TN. I can completely understand your statement about believing in Lyme...it's a highly political disease. Every MD claims it's not in their state. Pretty sad.
Anyway, very time I try to take flagyl for my neuro Lyme, I have severe TN attacks that started out lasting hours and now for last days at a time.
I had a balloon compression on my right side which did nothing but to make my pain worse.
From what my LLMD has told me, my TN is not going to "heal itself" as my Lyme symptoms abate. I go through periods of remission, where I feel better, but my TN has continued to get worse since my initial infection of LD, Babesia, and Bartonella in early 2007.
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