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Trigeminal Neuralgia Triggers

I have had Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia for almost four years.  I also have Anesthesia Dolorosa.  I was wondering what everyone's triggers are.  I seem to have some that are not "textbook" like you read everywhere.  For instance, I find that if I am anywhere with a lot of noise or external stimulation, I get triggered.  Please share what you experience.  Thanks!
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Heya, my triggers aren't exactly textbook either. Loud noise can often trigger the pain and when something makes me jump or catches me off guard then that can trigger it. The big one for me is heat, I cant stand it because it triggers really strong pain. Also for some  reason when a teacher calls my name the pain is triggered...... so very strange!

Alana :)
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In addition to some of the textbook ones like cold and wind, mine is overdoing it, physically. Really cold drinks. Sometimes loud noise too. I'm just glad I can brush my teeth still!
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My weird trigger was eating peanut butter off a metal spoon or knife.  I could eat peanut butter any other way -- but something with metal utensil caused a zap.
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wow, and I thought my triggers where unusual. hmmmm, that is strange....
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Popsicles can trigger me, as well as pressure and loud noises. Sometimes even thinking about the pain can bring a trigger on.
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The loud noises get me and things that make me jump. I can always tell when im going to have attacks of pain because of the temperature. As soon as the temperature is increased slightly or I start to feel warm I immediately start getting the pain and become more sensitive to other triggers..... It's Torture!!!!
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using a metal utensil in your mouth and the zap is more likely a chemicla reaction between the fork and any fillings you may have esp if the fillings are new. Though I have some very old filinges and sometimes the fork wil zap me to.

my triggers .... Heat, and direct sunlight in eyes and or on skin,
-----------------..... eating/drinking anything Cold. or HOT
...................... PEPPERMINTS or just about any other mint.
...................... wearing my glasses, the weight on my nose
...................... holding the phone to my ear and hearing the call being dialed out!
...................... songs on the radio esp those that sound tinny.
...................... NOW any dental issues. and Eye exams.
...................... and most of the text book ones.
...................... Ih Yeah when I do cry, my tears feel like acid and then that triggers PAIN!

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My pain started in December, not long after receiving the H1N1 shot. I
am still trying to determine if what I have is Neuralgia. I have extreme
facial pain in my cheek, jaw, ear, and beside my eye. This pain jumps
from one side of my face to the other constantly. I am getting tested,
but in the mean time I can tell you that just laying my head on a pillow
can trigger an attack. Also, if I rest my hand against my face for too
long I end up in pain. Basically, any kind of pressure on my face causes
me agonizing pain. I don't know if any of this helped you. I would also
like to say that I am so sorry to you and anyone else that is suffering with
this ailment. None of us deserve this kind of pain in our lives. I hope
you and everyone else on here finds the relief we all deserve.
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I was just diagnosed, but realized that the triggers I have have been there for a long time. Some are going to the dentist, heat, fans and high pitched sounds. Something sets off eye pain (it feels like there is something in there for days), but I don't what triggers that...any ideas there?
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The Trigeminal neuralgia nerve has three main branches, one above the eye, one below the eye along the cheek, one along the jaw. There are also many sub-branches. It's why many people think they have dental trouble because the sub-branches go to each tooth and people think it's a toothache when it's really TN.
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Me too!  I thought it weird, but probably the salivary glad with the peanut butter is the trigger  Whatever it is, it's painful and sets off about a minute or two of extreme pain!
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Hi rennee, sorry what you're experiencing. I always have symptoms: which is a numbness, and dull ear ache, dull pain in my throat, numb face. Other times I'll get a metallic taste on my teeth. Other times, the only symptom is a beet red ear. Other times, I'll get severe pain deep in my ear. Hope this helps you renee. Oh, btw, I have Glossopharyngeal neuralgia similar to Trigeminal Neuralgia
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I have had this condition for a year now.  The trileptal has brought pain from a 10 to an 8.  It is constant dull ear ache pain with numb face/cheek.  Wind, change in air pressure, rainy days, vibrations, sounds (like sirens, typing on keyboard, husband's voice, the MRI machine) cause sharp inner ear pain and eye twitches.  When I cry it feels like shards of glass are in eyes (this never happened before diagnosis).  I am contemplating the gamma knife procedure - has anyone here done this and had success with it?
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