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am i over reacting

i have recently been diagnosed atypical tn.the terrible pain i dont need to describe, as any sufferer will understand,but i am seriously begining to think i am over reacting it is taking over my entire life, day and sleepless night, the pain is unbearablebut is it in my mind??
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You ask if you are "over reacting"       no way.......I am the same right now.............I feel like a prisoner .......Im afraid to move ..cough ...laugh......eat ...........I want a dam life back............In this modern day.........why dont we have pain meds that dont half kill us............
How in the world can we work and have a life with this unbearable pain.........
No your not over reacting........one would have to experience this pain to understand how paralizing it is.....................

I pray for your pain to go away............
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I was on 1300 mg tegretol until my MVD op and was a zombie. Since op in feb almost pain free. My advice to anyone is have the MVD done, it has been worth it a million times. This IS the worst pain in the world so no you are not over reacting
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Hell no your not over reacting !!! I think about my life being over , taken away by this condition .This has caused me major depression , you cannot describe this type of pain ,  Not everyone can opt for a MVD surgery either , my damage was done by a dentist , so, nerve blocks seem the only option .

Anyway , hang in there , get a good neurologist, and if you have to travel to see a specialist , do it !  If you dont have Tegretol, get it , and Lyrica . Now I'll tell ya , these will work great at first, then loose their effectivness , so be prepared , but they WILL help you sleep, and you need to sleep , our bodies heal and repair during sleep. Avoid stress , and get vitamin b-12 , and lots of vitamin c . Try warm hot compress on your face too, its helps.
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No way are you over reacting!!!!! I consider myself to have a high tolerance for paing.....but this TN pain kicks my butt!!!  I was on tegretol for 2 years and it lost effectiveness. I began having the most severe attacks I had ever had the first of Novermber and they would let up a few minutes and back again. I was put in the hospital for 9 days on a Morphine pump and Dilotid and was on many other medications that I don't remember. I lost 9 days of my life because I don't remember anything!!!  Except hurting!!! On the 7th day they did a Rhazotamy....which burned the branches of the trigeminal nerve that were causing me problems. That was a quick fix but my face is numb on that side and don't know when that will come back (which is better than having TN pain)!  We don't know how long this will last so I am scheduled for December 4th to have the Gamma Knife done!  I am praying that I will have long term relief at that time.  Keep me in your prayers and I will pray that all of you TN sufferers have relief from your pain as well!
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