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time of "session"

I am new at this. My "sessions" last around 4-6 hours. Is this typical? I take oxcarbazipine maintenance and generic Lortab at onset of "session". Is there anything I can do to lessen these "sessions"? It feels like nerve has to do it's thing and then decide to release. Is this true? Can I do anything to help "release" the nerve? Any thoughts would be welcome. I have only been taking medicine for a week and go for my next appt. on 9/24. I have been having daily "session" and sometimes twice a day. Is this normal? Thanks for you reply to my last question! Alice
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Hey all, 2 weeks ago I was despondent and suicidal after suffering with TN (or "atypical facial neuralgia" in my case) for 7 months, many failed treatments, and no relief in sight. But I listened to my body and found a doctor who listened to ME (no small feat in and of itself!) and supported my belief that a chain reaction/perfect storm of muscle spasms, trigger points and "myofascial damage" were literally causing my upper-back and neck muscles to pull on muscles and nerves in my face -- thereby causing the horrific pain.

After one session of trigger point injections, I'm a new woman and most of my pain is almost gone! I have a long history of many major neck problems and surgeries...so this might not be a very common cause (who knew neck pain could make your eye and teeth hurt!?) but I wanted to put it out there as something for my fellow TN sufferers to consider -- so please think about whether this might apply to you! I know how indescribably torturous the pain of TN is and hope sharing this information might help even one person. If anyone wants to know more, feel free to send me a message.
-- S

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