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I was ttc and the doctor had finally prescribed provea and clomid to help me get pregnant cause I couldn't ovulate on my own and i can't but no reason was found of why I couldn't. I did get pregnant and had a miscarriage at eight weeks and had to have an dnc. So now I'm ttc again but also trying to lose weight but I know I will need clomid again but if I lose weight,I probably will not.I was wondering the fastest saftest way to lose weight beside diet pills?
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You need to watch your intake of calories and make sure that you eat well and in moderation. Moderate exercise will also help...at least 30 mins a day or maybe exercise longer 3 times a week. That should probably help you. Dieting doesn't help....it's just the types of foods you eat and how much of it. Try to go by the food guide. I'm from Canada and we have Canada's food guide..you can always look it up. Tells you the amounts of each food group you should be eating for your age I believe.
Figure out of BMI and go from there. Make small goals and once you reach them...add onto it!
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I have a friend whose using the Alli pills which are the only FDA approved diet pills. I know you mentioned ways to loose weight without taking pills but I definitely wanted to mention those because she's had great success on them. Also just cut back on calories and watch what you eat. Drink mainly water and try to exercise when you can. Mainly though it's what you put in your body in my opinion. Good luck!  
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