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Finally!! I got a BFP!!!!!!

Ahhhh! im so excited! and shocked and nervous and hungry lol I cant believe i got a BFP this morning and it was clear to see and popped up right away.

its very ironic and kinda funny because i had decided to stop ttc this past cycle, to take a break, but i couldnt get a hold of my doc to get birth control, so i went without, and lo-and-behold, i conceived this month with no aides- no vitamins, no vitex, no OPK, no CM charting.- which i had been using for the past 9 months.

Oh Mother Nature, you surprise me :D
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A big CONGRATULATIONS to you!! :)
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thank you!

and a very big GOOD LUCK to you :D
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Congrats! Yes, mother Nature is full of surprises!
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:) Awesome news hun!! For some people...all it takes is a break!! Congrats and have a healthy pregnancy!!
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Congratualations!!! Sometimes what it takes is to just get rid of the stress of trying.
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congrats hun! couldnt have happened to a nicer person :0)
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Congradulation!!! Hope this is my month as well!!
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Can you share what your symptoms were during tww?
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well my biggest reason for suspecting i was pregnant was sore bbs. I rarely ever get breast tenderness for any reason, and they got extremely sore around 13 dpo and still are (im  6.3 days today). i also had cramping from 11 dpo to 17 dpo. and nausea popped up around 19 dpo
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CONGRATS!! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months :)
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Congrats!! I love when people who try for a while finally get their BFP!
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