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How does the TTC Group help you?

Quick poll for all the ladies! Just want to know how everyone is using the group and where everyone is at in their lives!

Many of you have gotten pregnant with the help of this group and if so maybe you can share your TTC story and give hope to all the others! :)
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I come here for support and sometimes to help others who are ttc. I have found a lot of helpful information on this forum, but in the end I was only able to get a bfp with the help of a fertility doctor. Thank you for creating this wonderful group!!!
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All I have to say about this group that it HAS helped me with getting the information i needed about TTC ahead of time before my appointment with my dr. so i can ask my questions in a different way, but also this group has given me suppor :)
BD to everyone.
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I came here for advice and support. 2 years, 1 miscarriage and 2 canceled IUIs later I have learned so much about TTC and my body and have met alot of wonderful ladies. Now, I try to pass on anything that may help someone else from the experiences I've had. I love this place!
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It was hard to make my choice because I do all of the above. But this group and the whole MH family have been such a great help and wonderful support. Its really nice to be able to talk with people that know what we are all going through. I have learned so many different hings from everyone, I have had 2 BFP but bot have ended in ectopics in the last years. I love the fact that I dont feel alone.
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I have to ditto what renee82 said. I will be honest I've never posted or answered questions but I've read plenty of posts and have received A LOT of great info...My reason for not posting is because I've only had 1 child (JJ age 5 1/2:-) and I was a lil younger so I didn't really pay THAT much attention. My journey for baby #2 has been just that, a journey. (still waiting for my BFP) I WILL answer questions and post questions from now on because I do feel comfortable passing along what I've learned so far!!! Thanks for having this group:-)
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I have never been so thankful in my life to have found this place and medhelp in general!  It has helped me so much even though I have yet to see my very own BFP.  I've made sooo many wonderful friends and have realized, even though I wished it was under different circumstances I'm so glad I have someone to go through this with.  I've been married 12 yrs on the 16th of this month and my husband and I have yet to see our own little miracle.  Even though I have never personally met anyone from here that doesn't mean I don't have a place in my heart for them.  I get teary eyed when I see someone's long awaited BFP and then of course comes the sonogram pictures and then the lil bundle of joy.  I love it. :)   Sorry for blabbin so much lol...again I'm thankful. :)
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I love this place, I've been on for a year an a half, lots of friends one BFP (MC) and still waiting for my turn to come around. I have received and given alot of support and have seen alot of my friends give birth. I will continue to be apart of this group till either I give up ( not in the near future) or get my last and permanent BFP. thanks MH!
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prego right now and used all the tips and stuff from the forum
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I came to this group a little while back when I was ttc my 4th baby, with the plan on this forum and also using a sperm friendly lubricant called conceive plus i got my bfp the first month using it! could just be coincidence, but i would suggest anyone ttc to give it a go!
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The ladies here are such wonderful support! We had been ttc for almost 3 years and just talking to someone who knew what we were going through really helped. I was at the point of almost just giving up and one of the ladies on here just told me to take a break and relax, she talked to me almost everyday! So we took a break and weren't trying at all, and that month got my BFP.......Everyone on here just has understanding of what you're going through and will tell you how they handled it and gave some really good advice. I just love this site!!!
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Awww!! I'm feeling the love for sure!!! I'm so happy that everyone is getting the support they are looking for and answers they need. It's so great to see everyone get their BFP's and know that everyone has their MH friends and support on their journey to it!!
Lot's of love ladies and best of luck!
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Thankx :) ya all i can tell is i was so happy to find this website and got many support from other members. After that i never felt i was alone all my way to ttc. also it could encourage me to help others,
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It helped me :) i would say all of the above on your poll tho :)
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The ladies here have helped stay positive & focus. They have been supportive & l have learned a lot of stuff around here l am due to go for a Lap & Dye but have not yet decided on the date yet so that we map a way forward on out TTC journey. All of u ladies rock u have been a source of strength and inspiration.
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Wanted to share that I got my BFP a few days ago!! after my long journey of TTC with M/C and D&C I got a positive. I write this to anyone who is getting a D&C or is worried they wont concieve after, or don't want to wait like the Dr. says because they are anxious. I had my D&C May 6, and got my BFP July 30!! Your day will come! and even though at the time it felt it would take forever, time has a funny way of slipping by.
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How do I put on a smile when all my friends are getting pregnant and I am not?
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It is very hard to be happy for all your friends when you are trying so hard and they are getting the results you want. I had to just let go for awhile, and keep telling myself that it is wonderful that they are pregnant and my day would come soon. You gotta trust that it will happen for you and when it does you will be over the moon. Good luck I hope you get that sticky bean very soon!
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It's like a slap in the face when you see all the pregnant women and bfp's and little babies around you when you are trying for a baby and each month nothing happens. I think many women ttc feel the same way.
But you have to keep positive and be truly happy for those people. Like Jessie said, you have to keep faith that you will be a mommy soon. It's great to cherish the time you do have and don't have regrets or let anything get you down. SSBD!
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Well i usually keep quiet on mh also....but i had a little girl few days after this post was made thank God was healing and all that now very busy just logged on to see whats up
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