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How early?

Starting late last night/early this morning I've had intermittent nausea mainly caused by smells, my breasts have become very tender and I've had a slight headache all dang day, also theres been a slight tinge in my pelvic bone area, sort of a pinching sensation.
How early can pregnancy symptoms start?
I'm only 4dpo today
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I got all the same symptoms at 4 DPO and I got a BFP. So good luck to you! And SSBD!
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Thank you!
I'm still having nausea off and on, very similar to my pregnancy with DS. I'll start cooking something but by the time its done I'm very queasy, but after taking a bite I go from queasy to starving in 2 seconds flat and I've had an infatuation with cheese the past few days (I've eaten close to 2lbs in 3 days, lol). Also, my breasts are still very tender and quite swollen.

Last night I had some EWCM and my cervix was open but not too soft. It only lasted for about an hour. That really confused me seeing as I know I O'ed on the 19th/20th. Any thoughts?
I'm now 6dpo and trying really hard to wait until at least Wed (8dpo) to test....is 8dpo too early? I know I'll continue testing until I either get my BFP or AF arrives....LOL
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I totally got my BFP! 4 actually!
Thank you!!
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Hey! I could use some help. I am 14 dpo and right now i am testing negative. I think I conceived on the 13th of Jan. I'm experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, mild cramps, af was supposed to start today, the 29th at the latest. and today i had really bad nausea that came on suddenly. it was so bad I had to sit down for 15 minutes. and i had a craving for BK onion rings with zesty sauce today. I really have no idea if I'm pregnant or not. How long should i wait to test again?
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