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LIGHT pds 2 months PREGNANT????!!??
i posted this somewhere else but i think this group is better for my type of question....
I swear I have every symptom of pregnancy...some I could possibly imagine in my head but others have to be real.

VERY regular periods..down to the minute on time until the last 2 months.... they are as follows.

Nov 27th-30th HEAVY (Regular)
Dec 29th ONLY spotting until the 1st of Jan
Jan 25th ONLY spotting/really light until 27th

*unprotected sex throughout all months..regularly and often* unintentionally more often during my fertile time of the month :)

Nausea .. usually until I eat something then I feel better
mild cramps pretty much daily
constipated (but that is usual for me I don't go #2 often)
peeing A LOT (that's also normal for me I have a weak/small bladder i guess)
tired like crazy!!
very dizzy most of the time

now some of those I can imagine or make up in my head here are some that i could not make up if i tried...

my skin is broken out like crazy (that only happens to me during my period)
my boobs/nipples are sore/tender on occasions .. right now they are mildly throbbing
my natural nails are LONG AND STRONG and that has NEVER EVER EVER happened to me EVER! i'm totally shocked by this. years i have tried to grow natural nails and i never could they would break quickly and easily..not now they are the longest they've ever been and this is just within a week or so i've noticed how strong and long they are!!

now I'm a little chubby so i can't really tell a difference in my belly..except for how hard it is way down below my belly button..it's like a rock right above my girl parts... and pretty hard at the very top like almost right underneath my boobs.. so kind of hard at both ends but not in the middle..hm? could be because of the bloating i guess. i'm not sure. p.s I've never had a baby before .. so this is all new to me deciding if i am or i'm not or whats going on with my body. am i making these things up that are happening to me or are they real?!

I have NOT tested because i don't want my boyfriend to know I think i'm pregnant.. until I know for sure. I'm not sure if it's too early to test or if i'm 2 months along or what to do and I have to be sneaky about it and we are NEVER apart. I also have a DR. appt Tuesday for my back .. and i'm scared i won't know before then if i am or not and DR. might want to do xrays. I'm not good with dr.s or anything so i'm already really scared now i'm extremely scared!!

help help help!! any similar experiences..advice...opinions. think i'm pregnant? crazy? aahh help!! anything anyone plesae! i do want a baby ...my boyfriend not so much (for good reasons) however i would be ecstatic so i'm hoping i am kind of ... i don't want to be let down again soooo i'm scared to test scared to go to doctors .. ah!
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If at anytime your "period"is shorter or lighter than what is normal for you and your trying to get pregnant, you should always test as many ladies do spot when their period is due and are pregnant, this is usually due to hormonal factors, but the pregnancy remains viable :)
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