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Luteal phase length ... please help

Hi everybody, i got my af today a day earlier. It is only 12 DPO. Infact ealier I used to O by no later than cd15. But from last 2 months i tuk clomid 50mg days 5-9. Since then I am ovulatin 9-10 days after the last pill which is kind of making my luteal phase shorter (i think it is short)
1> is 12 days a gud luteal phase or should it be longer?
2> should i take clomid from days 3-7 in the coming cycle that way even if i ovulate 10 days from last pill i wld by cd17 and so the luteal length will b at least 13 to 14 days.
Please help me ladies. I have been trying from 8 months already and v r a bit worried now.
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I don't know about clomid at all but I think anything shorter than 12 days for your lp is a little tougher for people. Have you tried taking vitamin B ever? I work with a little boy that has autism and he's on an overwhelming amount of supplements so his mom knows EVERYTHING that has anything to do with vitamins and supplements. She told me when I was sick all the time to take vitamin B and also mentioned that women that are TTC take vitamin B as well...a lot of women lack it and it's something that small that could help. Just a thought.
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I had taken b6 earlier which increased my cycle length from 26-27 days to 31 days. infact my luteal phase earlier was very short like 10days b6 increased it to 12-13 days. may b i will have to take it this month too. thanks heather i will take it from today itself am on cd1.
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