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OPK questions - help with schedule

We are ttc #2 and I've started using an OPK this month. We conceived our first successfully using an OPK. The test indicated that I was ovulating 10 days BEFORE my menstrual cycle (cd 23 of 33 day cycle). At that time I did the OPK every morning.

Recently, I've been having 28 day cycles, and I was doing the OPK in the afternoon. I thought I got a positive test on cd 10, which was  3 days after my period . Doing the math:
28-29 day cycle - ovulation cd 11-12 = ~17 day luteal phase

This would be super early for me. I was a little unsure if the tests were accurate so I started taking them in
the morning and afternoon and I noticed that the tests were much darker in the morning. I am not surprised by them being darker, but I got some tests in the  morning as dark as the one I took on cd 10 while the afternoon test on the SAME DAY were barely visible. I'm not sure what to do going forward. Should I take them in the morning? Afternoon?

A few other factors that complicate things: I am still nursing my 21 month old so I am not sure if I am ovulating at all (hence the OPK). I've been having monthly periods for a year now, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean I am ovulating every month.

She is super interested in the potty and is all over me when I go in the morning. I don't want her to watch me pee on a stick or in a cup, because God knows what that's going to lead her to do LOL! The afternoon/evening things are so busy I have a hard time keeping track of when I last pee'd, how much fluids I've had to drink, etc. And it's hit or miss whether my DD is going to be in the bathroom with me.

On top of that, my husband works 2 jobs and is only home Sat, Sun and Tues nights. I really don't want to miss the window and would  love to ttc asap, but we can't really do the daily "try" for 10 days in a row in the middle of the month otherwise we'd just both be too exhausted.

Any suggestions to help me get on a schedule?
Does anyone know just how sensitive these OPKs really are? I am using Answer 20 stick OPK. It's the same one I used last time.

I hope this post isn't too confusing to understand. Please ask me more questions. LOL
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Sorry I wanted to delete this post and post again because it is too long and confusing. Does anyone know if I can delete?
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