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She venting but it would be nice if someone understood. Why does it feel like everyone is getting pregnant around me?
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I meant I am just venting. Not sure what was on my mind, emotions I am sure.
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You are not alone!! There has to be something in the water and it skipped my house! Everywhere I turn there is a PG woman and it feels like every 2nd day a friend is calling me to tell me that someone else is pregnant. We just keep wondering, when it is going to be our turn?!
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I know what you mean! Because it's in your mind a lot more then you notice it more. Being pregnant makes you notice it that much more too! It's pretty crazy...don't let it bother you hun. Your time will come!
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I know how you feel - all my closest friends are pregnant right now, and I'm not even ovulating on fertility meds! Hopefully we will be able to join them in pregnancy soon!!
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I know how you feel i've been ttc for the past 3 years with no joy but now been told my best chance of conceiving is IVF, i've had so many family and friends conceive and have their kids over the years i always wonder when my turn will be but i'm now on a 3 year waiting list for IVF.

Don't stress and have fun while ttc i really hope you get the results your looking for sooner rather than later :)
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Hi Gillian - Sorry to hear about your infertility problems. Its such a stressful situation, and depression one too. Wanting something you know you cant have, and the only way to possibly have it is to gamble your life savings for something that may or may not happen, and it seems like we all want to take that risk. A 3 year wait list is a super long time! I thought my 6 month wait to get into my RE was a long time - wow. Did you just get on the list or have you been on there for sometime? Do you have a wait list? I was supposed to be waiting a year to get in, but I put myself on the wait list and got my call after 6 months.
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