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When do you think I ovulated?

Ok CD9 I started getting O pain. CD11 I had brown streaked cm, CD12 I had red streaked CM then I believe I ovulated on CD 14 because of an abundance on stretchy CM and O pains (this was my last day of O pains. My CM went back to creamy but then got really stretchy again on CD16?!?!
Would you consider me ovulating on CD14, 15 or 16? I can't decide. I tracked it as 16 but I'm not sure.
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See, this is what can be confusing. I have no answer, I am kind of stuck aswell. I noticed  an abundance of stretchy CM on cd7 and my monitor did not detect my peak until cd9. cd8 for me was creamy CM also. ??? My husband and I started as soon as I noticed the Stretchy CM and did the dead every other day and then every day the three days around my peak.  I think this month I shal do the dead every other day as soon as all signs of AF are gone. Did you cover the basis a few days leading up to cd14?
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Thanks for responding. I went back and tracked my ovulation day to CD14 just because of symptoms. Maybe I should just track it as 15 because that's the one between the days I'm confused about!! LOL I dunno!
Ya I started on CD10 and went only every other day up to CD17 so I think that should be good. If not then I give up....BDing every day is unrealistic to me and DH.
Today I've had red along with my CM once when wiping so who friggin knows what's going on. I just pray that I did ov on CD14 and if so then I'm 5dpo and that was just implantation today.
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what abt temp did u track?
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I don't do BBT...when we began ttc I said I didn't want to go that far into anything because it just gets too stressful. It's already happened once without trying too hard so I'm just hoping it'll happen like that again.
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