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bleeding 11 days before period

I recently started bleeding 11 days early im not for sure if its my period or implantation bleeding. We have been trying to concieve for 3 months now. I have been keeping track of when i am ovulating and we tried during those times. I am really hoping that i am pregnant took a pregnancy test this morning and still no pregnant. Is it to early to tell?
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Way too early. If you are 11 days away from AF, then it's too early to get a positive. Could be some type of implantation bleeding. I swear that I had implantation at 4DPO. The earliest you could get a positive is about 10DPO so you still have a few days. Also, implantation bleeding is quite rare. I'm not sure but is it possible that it's ovulation bleeding or did you use opk's?
Good luck, hope you get a bfp soon!
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thanks for the information. and no i did not use a ovulation prediction kit.
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I'm in the same boat.  I'm about a week early for my period.  Light bleeding last night a little heavier this morning enough for a light tampon, but now back to very light spotting.  I did the ovulation kit and we tried during that time.....I just finished my period on May 22 so it seems early for a full blown period.  I keep looking stuff up and see stuff about implantation bleeding but also a thing called Chemical pregnancy where you got pregnant, but the egg doesn't implant in the uterus so it comes out as blood.  Hoping for the both of us that it's implantation bleeding!
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Hi im going threw the same thing. My period is due on the 15 but I started spotting  on the 5, I'm also catching Cramps Like if I'm going to catch my period...  I'm spotting already for 4 days also idk if its because I was intimate today and my husband came in me but its was a lil more than spotting, but then when I pee it went back to spotting!! I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative :( I don't take pills nor birth control!! Can someone please help!! Am I implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding??
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