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maybe this is my month ?

my husband and i are trying to concieve... this is our first month trying so i didn't buy any ovulation kits or anything, but i'm pretty sure i ovulated on the (may)12th. my hubby and i had unprotected sex twice on the 12th and once on the 14th. since then, i've had some period like cramps, increase in vaginal discharge, backaches,headaches, some nausea but no vomiting, increased urination ( which could be because i've drank an unreal amount of water because i stay thirsty), and on and off sore breasts. my period was due on the 25th and it's always regular. it's yet to come and i've taken an obscene amount of pregnancy tests, all of which have been negative. i've used first morning urine, and i've taken some at night. i've used first response, clearblue easy, clearblue easy digitals, and dollar store tests.  i wanted some feedback before i go pay to have a blood test.. can anyone help me???
thanks (:
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Did you just come off birth control as well? Not everyone is too regular after coming off the pill. Sometimes while TTC your body can do some crazy things and mess with your head. Give it another few days and test again too see. You are about a week late then? Are your cycles usually on time or regular?
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My cycles are usually like clockwork. They're the same every month, and i've been using no form of birth control except for condoms.  A couple of nights ago, i felt so sure i was gonna be sick. i was laying in bed and i just started feeling SUPER nautious, which is very unlike me. Yesterday, and today, i've had extremely sore breasts to the point of having to wear a sports bra instead of a regular one.

Thanks for responding (:
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