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need info on charting CM please!

okay so i have irregular periods and i dont have the money to shell out for lots of ovulation tests. I do have like 15 tests right now, but i know that i would need lots to find out when i ovulate because my cycle is different every time. So instead i want to learn more about charting my CM and temp. Has anyone gotten pregnant by charting CM alone or temp alone?

Any information on CM charting would be awesome! thanks!!
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I charted CM and for myself noticed EWCM as early as CD8 but then would notice that I would significantly "dry up" and figured out that was b/c I ovulated. Both times I got BFP's I noticed that instead of "drying up" I had lots of creamy CM and knew something was up.
Look it up and find out what the "norm" is during a cycle. Yours might not be the same but it could be similar...Once you start tracking, you will find what is normal for you.
To track it you could tell what it's like from looking after you wipe on the toilet paper or you could actually go "fishing" for it! LOL best way to describe that and see what it's like from that way. (with clean hands!) Take a look on the link at the top of this page called "My Beautiful Cervix Project" that may help you too. Good luck.
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thanks very much! you know, i scroll past the Beautiful Cervix Project and i didnt even out two and two together lol
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