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When is the Big Day?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the new Tying The Knot group! Please share with us when your big day is!
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HI...I am a mom helping my DD plan her wedding. I was a Bridal Consultant for a retail chain for over 8 yrs, and b4 that I was a self employed Wedding Consultant....I did flowers and invitations and co-ordinated the entire event.I had 20 yrs experience with that end of the business.

DD's wedding is in Oct of this yr.....and she wants something diff  with the venue and the ceremony....so, I found a hall that is an octagon shape and was org an open pavilion made with river stone  with huge beams overhead and 3/4 of the pavilion r glass doors that can be opened in good weather.
It also has a river stone fireplace ....so not a typical oblong hall.

The ceremony is to be out doors at her FIL's property on the side of a Mt.....weather permitting.

I am so glad to see this group : )

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That venue sounds fabulous. Do you have any pictures?

Sounds like your daughter is very lucky to have such an experienced mom!
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Yup on my profile page...I have several venues including the one we chose and several of the wedding dresses.....

Well, some times she just wants a mom and others she wants the consultant...I can't separate the 2....lol...
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Thank you for the great ideas, I will be sure to share them with him.  They are going to Cabo San Lucas in July so I will suggest he do it there!
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July 2012. :D
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