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asking for a blessing.

What are your opinions on a guy asking for the woman's parents blessing?
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In my family, I would say it's kind of nice in an old-fashioned sort of way. My parents wouldn't expect it and I personally like the idea of telling them myself and seeing their surprised faces.

A close friend of mine is Vietnamese and her mom was very adamant about her now-fiance asking for her blessing. I think it all depends on the culture. What do you think? Do your parents feel differently?
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I  really like the idea because family means a lot to me, same with my SO, but wasn't sure about what my parents thought, although I would assume they like it. I now know they do like it because my boyfriend asked for their blessing last night. He took them to dinner and asked. My parents said it was a very nice and respectful thing to do. Yay, I can't wait to be engaged.  
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  Well my DD was married this past Oct, and my SIL took my DH and myself out to diner to ask us...I appreciated the fact he respected us to ask...and  it brings us closer as a family....and we all want to be one family not be separated by the  marriage...

I want my SIL to be able to come to us, as he would his own parents, so I am in favor of this custom : )

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