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helpful tips for planning a wedding anyone?

Hello everyone, i'm still kind of new to this so i apologize if i sound completely absurd. I pretty much would like to know if any of you know any good websites that will give me tips and ideas on wedding plans. My boyfriend of a little over a year, told me yesterday, that i should probably start studying up. (we have talked about marriage, and i think this is his way of telling me, to sort of prepare myself for the big question. I'm sure he's not going to ask tomorrow, or this week, and maybe not even this month. But  none the less, i know it's coming soon, so i'd like some help.) I've always been sort of a tomboy and have paid little to no attention to wedding ceremonies and plannings. Any help, advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm really lost in the woods on this one, so i would very much appreciate if you ladies could help me :) thank you very much for your time. And to all of you who HAVE tied the knot, I WISH YOU TONS OF LUCK & HAPPY FEELINGS!!!! :D CoNgRaTs!!!! <33
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  Hi...sorry I have not checked this group in a while...I use to do wedding planning and was a florist, so if u want to ask me questions I would love to help u out.

Not sure if u r still around.....or engaged yet....but I am always around : )
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