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I too suffer from  fibromyalgia for past three years. I am hydrocortison 10mg morning+5 mg after lunch and 5 mg after supper (before sleep....it gives good sleep). Besides I take Vitamin D3 2000iu daily (as steroid depletes Calcium... and my teeth started falling, E-cod (for Omega 3 and Vit E), Rusvostatin (Cholesterol increases as a gift of  fibromyalgia) Co-Q10 (antioxidant and energizing cells), Thyroxine (hyerthyroid another gift), Cobadex forte (multivitamine). I am active and leading normal life without pains.

I study and experiment too. I feel that we should maintain good level of vitamins so that proper environment is there for glads to act and signal properly. Recently I found that my Potassium level has gone up. It appears that Aldosteron (also produced by Adrenal gland) is not functioning properly. After studying I started taking Pregnenolone 10 mg (recently I am taking sub-lingual). I find it very useful to be physically and mentally active.

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Excerpts from Dr Greg Emerson - Cholesterol Reduction...

"Cholesterol is also crucial for the manufacture of most of the body’s hormones. If cholesterol levels are too low there may be multiple deficiencies in other hormones especially from the adrenal gland.

Let’s have a quick look at why your cholesterol might be elevated. In my opinion, there are 5 main causes and only one of those would merit treatment with a drug. The 5 causes are:

Poor diet.

Genetic- but this is VERY rare (< 1% of cases). It may be the one indication for drug therapy in accordance with the guidelines below.

Untreated hypothyroidism.

Elevated body burden of mercury- high levels of cholesterol are the body’s protective mechanism against some environmental toxins, particularly mercury. Aggressive lowering of cholesterol may result in increased toxicity from these sources. It is proposed that this may be the mechanism of the nerve damage that occurs as a side effect of some statin drugs.

Chronic systemic fungal infections- the most common cause by far. Note that anti-fungal medications have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels! Research by Professor AV Costantini published in his book Fungalbionics showed that cholesterol binds fungal mycotoxins- making them less harmful."

"Recent studies have shown no reductions in death in people over the age of 65 or people with no existing heart disease on statins (regardless of how much their cholesterol was lowered) and no benefit at all in women of any age. It is very important to understand statistics here and the difference between relative risk and absolute risk reduction.

Much of the advertising with statins describe a 36% risk reduction in heart attacks. This is a relative risk reduction. The absolute risk reduction is a decrease from a 3% risk to a 2% risk. In practical terms, this means that in men under the age of 65 with pre-existing heart disease, 100 (the NNT- Number Needed to Treat) have to take a statin for 3 years to prevent 1 heart attack. The other 99 men receive no benefit.

Professor James Wright from the University of British Columbia states that “most people taking statins are taking something with no chance of benefit and a risk of harm.”"
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