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For are all people suffering

For all people suffering and don't know what are there problem since last sexual exposure am talking about people with mild symptoms and no doctor could diagnose, some of them have been told they have anxiety and some are keeping testing for different things and still believe in their selves i wanna share this with you guys so u know that  you are not alone its been almost year since that damn night that changed my life , i had sex with a CSW and in one week every thing  stat to change and those are my symptoms :
1) Oral trush on my tongue with red spots
2) Enlargement painful lymph node in armpit , nick and groin area   (CT scan proved )
3) Skin rashes on the chest and behind my ears
4) fatigue
5) muscle pain
6) Dry mouth, Oral ulcers
7)  stomach ache
8) abdominal pain
9) chest pain
10) shortness of breathing
11) night swets on the beginning of the illness
12) CD 8 is higher than CD 4  and there ratio is under one while it should be above
and there other symptoms but there are the big ones that became a night mare that am 24/7 suffering of .
100 tests including all STD’s , lymph biopsy , colons copy, and they are scheduling a bone morrow biopsy and an endoscopy and still nothing appeared .. some doctors says it might be a new thing and some says that they might miss something and others got bored and asked me to take pain killers maybe my symptoms will get better by it self  by the time !!!!
what i want to say that a lot of people hear have the same symptoms cause i saw some questions and they have no answers i need them to keep searching and to know that they are not alone and to not lesson to stupid people talking about anxiety or any thing like this cause one day when this is going to be figure out every one of those is going to shut up,, some research are there caused people kept believing and took it to the media  like (hiv like virus in china) https://sites.google.com/site/newhivaidslikeviruschina/ and i hope we can figure something like them so we can push another research even if we should start collecting money for it or any thing this is our life and we wont gave up easily ..
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I understood ur situation... we both are in same situation, man
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I have more symptoms that you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Hey, Omar.  I commented on Naveea's similar thread just now, and stumbled across yours also.  I am also dealing with something that has yet to be fully diagnosed yet.  Although only maybe one or two of my symptoms match yours, mine also started 3 weeks after receiving oral sex from someone.  Can I ask...ur exposure, was it unprotrected vaginal?

I commented on some of Naveea's symptoms, so let me just ask a few questions about yours and maybe we can come up with something.  By order you numbered them:

1.  Your oral thrush:  can you describe it?  I have what you may call oral thrush, although it's just a white paste that covers the tongue, nothing else.  Is yours the same or more severe.  Most places I've read say that oral thrush hurts to swallow and looks like legions, and if you scrape it off, your tongue will bleed.

2.  I also have painful lymph nodes in the groin and armpit (they're not all that swollen though; about the size of a pea).  Have you thought about getting a lymph node biopsy done one them?

6.  Can you describe the dry mouth and ulcers?  Maybe the dry mouth is the oral thrush??  Are the ulcers just typical canker sores or something different?

Really wish I could comment/ask questions about your other symptoms, but I either know nothing about them since I don't have them or they're just such broad symptoms that it could be anything.  My symptoms have been going on for 5 months now.  They actually got MUCH better last month (almost non-existant), but they came back about 9-10 days ago.  They're slowly sub-siding again as we speak, so we'll see what happens.

I'll keep an eye on this thread.  I'm not a doctor, but I am offering whatever help I can give you.  Please take a look at my thread I just started also "undiagnosed virus please help!!"  Maybe you can give me some advice.  Don't quit fighting man.  Whatever you have, whether it be viral, fungal, bacterial, or whatever, just keep yourself as healthy as you can and boost your immune system.  You may just be surprised when one day comes along and you're your old self again.  Might be one month; might be a couple more years.  I know I'm counting on it, and nothing will change that.  Remember you said you had PAINFUL lymph nodes.  That means your body is FIGHTING an infection.  Best of luck to you, and God bless.

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Sorry, just noticed you said you already had a lymph biopsy.  Anything come of that?
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I just got my results back and its showing that am fighting an infection but lymph biopsy doesn't show the type its just give you a pic of what happening inside and why there is a pain ,, thanks god there wasn't any cancer cells and i was sure of that i didn't have to be tell but its just good to knw
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about your questions
1) my tongue is white with red spots that became painful in the last couple months and now i start having some other dark spots on it ..
2) mouth ulcers are some white spot inside the mouth they could be from candida as the oral trush and they could be from another reason..
Finally brother i wont stop fighting and i wont you to not am planning to start a community to so people with same undiagnosed symptoms could share information and a big number of people could push a research , doctor and media to do something but we should keep believing in our self's and to not lesson to stupid people that all they know is HIV and you are negative and you might got anxiety cause i know am HIV negative thanks god and this is not my problem my problem is what is the thing running my life cause as any person i want the good life back and i wont give up and cry ,, keep the faith in ur self and in god
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How long ago was this last exposure?  It doesn't seem like you and I are suffering from the same thing, but I hope you find out what's causing this so you can at least get treated properly, if not cured.  I won't give up either.  I thought I had it bad, but I don't have near the symptoms that you do.  My 'thrush' isn't like yours; mine is just a white coating on my tongue; sometimes it's bad, other times not.  Can you describe these 'red spots'?  I also have a fungal infection in my genital area (again, sometimes it's noticeable, sometimes not at all).  You can check out my thread.  I'd like you to read through it and see if there are any similarities.

Btw, have you had any sexual relations since then?  Have those partners contracted anything from you?

Don't give up, and trust in God.
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what you have is not the same i got any how i wish u get better too
thanks for the wishes, i wont lose faith its all i got
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I agree.  But we're both suffering from undiagnosed symptoms, so how about we help each other out here.  I am going to take count of every symptom you've listed and do some research for you.  Who knows, maybe I'll stumble across something that you haven't yet.

Would you do me a favor and do the same for me please?
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By the way, you never answered my other question:  Have you had any sexual relations since your symptoms started and, if so, did you pass anything on to someone else?
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no problem at all cause am doing a research too so that will be helpful for both of us so we should keep each other updated,,
and for your question no i didn't that damn drunk night cost me the woman i love cause i cant hurt her or give her any thing and since i did nothing
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I have all the symptoms you posted on there too, i am scheduled for a biopsy.  The doctor wouldnt let me take any more hiv tests for another month..  All my symtoms started a couple weeks after i had sex with a prostitute.  I feel like i have contracted this hiv virus..  lhttp://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/I-Need-Advice-Please/show/1790498ook read my post
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Welcome man i need you to mention your vurrent symptoms in a list and i want to know when was your time having sex and the timing of your tests after it and we will try to help you ,, have a faith and stay strong
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This Group is for people suffering from undiagnosed list of symptoms after having an exposure with no answers from doctors , symptoms are much the same between people suffering some have more and some got less but they all meet in at least half of the list will be mentioned . this group will give people a hope and tell them that they are not alone and when we reach a good a number of people we can push for starting a research about our medical condition and not only to keep setting and listening to anxiety stories as people other people did ,, we have a faith and tests that proves we are sick from unknown condition and that why we should never stop searching OUR LIFE OUR CHOICE.. This illness symptoms are : 1) Oral trush on my tongue with red spots 2) Enlargement painful lymph node in armpit , nick and groin area (CT scan proved ) 3) Skin rashes on the chest and behind my ears 4) fatigue 5) muscle pain and Joints pain 6) Dry mouth, Oral ulcers 7) stomach ache 8) abdominal pain 9) chest pain 10) shortness of breathing 11) night swets on the beginning of the illness 12) CD 8 is higher than CD 4 and some times CD 4 is less than normal 13) Wight drop at the begging of illness then patient gain some weight after 3 months
group link   http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV-like-illness--/show/1436
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I join this group.  I suffer and an stuck in bed about 20 hrs. of the day--always in pain.  Joint, muscle pain, swelling. also HBP, diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight.....my life is ruined, mostly from the back anc leg pain.

I have prayed.....doctors are not much help to me....I'll pray for alll..
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This is my symtoms, Teak didnt offer me to much help, he was rather negative about my whole situtation.  Anyways i had unprotected sex with a girl idk but i tested at 9 weeks and i was hiv negative.  But i had sex with a hooker about 2 weeks before 9 week mark and this is when all my symptoms started.  I started off with a tight jaw and a cough.  A week later i got some tender swollen lymph nodes pop up on the right side of my groin i thought it was a hernia.  I got them checked and doctor said they were swollen lymph nodes.  A week after that they had spread to the other side of groin but they arent painful.  I aslo feel like there are something swollen in my armpits too.  While this is all happening i am having extreme fatigue and joint aint aches and muscle pain.  It is hard to sleep at night.  I dont think i ever had a fever or night sweats.  I have a biopsy this morning, it has been 6 weeks since all these symtoms have occured.  I appricate your hospitalilty omar.  
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forget about teak he doesn't know anything more than HIV this is his circle and he is not a doctor so its not his problem is yours now ,,

join the group i just made and continue your  12 week test and keep updating we are starting a community so we all can help each other
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i have a burning/stinging penis gland all tests negative and docs saying nothing wrong six weeks now went a homopath today anybody else tried this
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This is something else from we are suferring anyway tests you could be run Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma G , Ureaplasma and Trich and you might need testing for herpes too
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how do i join the group?
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You will find Join the group bottom on the our main page
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I dont see it man..  What do you think is wrong with you?  I dont think you got hiv, it could just be some kind of infection.  My doctor said that athletes foot could cause lymph nodes to swollen.  I am still worried that i might have contracted hiv.  I dont even want to take another test.
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look at post question bottom u will find three options above it :
About This Group, Join This Group,Group Settings .. its that easy !!

i don't think you or me are having HIV i believe its an infection that might be new or an old one that became sexually transmitted now and am trying to get more people in the group so we can talk an figure something ,, i think that better than to find a question every week from a desperate person that wanna die because of unknown symptoms and this person disappear to go for mental therapy, continuing testing with no clue and maybe suicide because of the afraid of his family and specially there wives and am you can see that if you search for this in Med Help that why we should get together and do something
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