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10 Years of NO answers, please help.


I am a 36 year old female with major fatigue issues. For the last 10 years I have been trying to get a doctor to listen and REALLY try to help me. I have insomnia every night, I am physically exhausted. My brain is ALWAYS awake just thining and thinking and thinking. Not worrying, JUST thinking. I have headaches often and migraines. Getting out of bed in the morning, I am sore and stiff. (Sometimes I feel very sore, some days are better).

I have taken Sudaphed for enegry and it helps some. Caffeine just makes my brain crazy.

I can not regulate my body temperature, if it is cold I am freezing. If it is warm I am often hot. OR I may be sitting in a room at 78 and be cold? During the day, I like the house around 78, but towards evening, I drop it down to 74 and FREEZE. Often my muscles burn like I exercised a ton of reps, but i just walk to the refrigerator.

I used to be FULL of energy, worked 3 jobs and was always on the go and loved it. I am depressed b/c I am so tired.

I have had some testing:

Lyme Disease - Negative 2004
Thyroid - Negative 2004

Thyroid (T3 & T4) - 2010 DURING PREGNANCY - Negative

I have been diagnosed with high anxiety, ADD, depression. I have pectus excavatum (now repaired) and scoliosis.

Other odd things:

When I was pregnant EVERTHING went wrong for ME (Baby is spectacular). So here are the list of things I suffered while pregnant. Everything listed is in EXTREMES. Not just sometimes.

Entire pregnancy - So constipated I could not eat, did enemas every other day for ENTIRE pregnancy.
First 3 months - So nauseous, could not move. The more I moved, the sicker I got. Dropped weight.
3-6 Months - DAILY 100% debilitating migraines.
Month 6 - Thrombosed hemmhorids
Month 6 - Back injury, mid back (see next)
Month 6 - Kidney stones? and kinked ureter
6-9 - Back/spine pain/kidney?

Of course, everyone thought I was exaggerating, except for my husband, lol, who had to hit up CVS weekly for 6pack enemas.

While I was pregnant, SALT helped my migraines?
I always crave salt.
While pregnant if I ate starches or sugars, my mouth would taste like garbage. I chewed Freedent gum like mad.(sugar in that was ok?)

So sorry to post so much, I just figured maybe something might trigger someone's brain.

Thank you to everyone who reads this to try to help <3
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Dysautonomia comes to mind. Dysautonomia is the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls everything that happens in the body that you don't have to think about such as respiration, blood pressure, temperature regulation, digestion, balance, and heart rate.  Pregnancy can worsens existing medical conditions or improve them depending on the condition.

Symptoms are numerous and not everyone has the same symptoms. From your list of symptoms i have come across the following as possible symptoms of dysautonomia: severe constipation and decreased gut motility, excessive fatigue, salt cravings, anxiety, insomina, frequent headaches or migraine headaches, inability to tolerate changes in temperature, back pain, muscle and joint pain, taste and appetite changes, nausea, cognitive dysfunction that is similar to those afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder.
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WOW, thank you. I am looking Dysautonomia up and the only opposite I see is the excessive thirst. I am NEVER thirsty. But I make myself drink. And lately, the constipation I usually have is gone? For the first time in my life since I was a KID.

I had blacking out episodes in 2004 from I had thought at the time, stress. Blacked out and broke my nose off the coffee table. They did EKG's but saw nothing. I have mild asthma, but mostly from cat allergies and FREEZING cold  weather.

The auto-immune thing is interesting. I had a monthly recurring skin thing..? I though I had been bitten by a spider on my thumb. It was insane itchy and drove me nuts. It gets swollen as heck, itchy, then moderately red, becomes a callus and then peels off? Came back every month for 2 years straight. Dermatologist had no clue as usual. I also get lumps on my elbow that HURT like mad it you tap them the wrong way, Those also come and go. All I ever heard from the dermatologist was that it seemed to be an auto-immune response of some sort.


Plus the last two years I have had the most absurd amount of stress. I scaled 544 on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale (and robbery & my husband's psychosis and attempted suicide from PTSD from Iraq when our daughter was 3 mo old - did not make their list). The END of the scale was 300+... I had 544...

Any new thoughts with any of this new info? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just knowing I am not crazy and I am not a hypochondriac will make me feel better.

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See a good paychiatrist soon
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No problem! :)  Going on your symptoms, dysautonomia was all i could find to fit your symptoms. :) But now you mention a you are never thirsty.  That is extremely abnormal! So now taking that symptom into account along with your body temperature issues i'd have to say check for hypothalamus dysfunction.

The sense of thirst is established by the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ADH (antidiuretic hormone) work together.  The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, and circadian cycles.

And to add, salt cravings is a listed symptom of adrenal insufficiency. As your stress is sky high, you are doing a number on your adrenal glands. But the hypothalamus also affects the adrenal glands too.

Causes of hypothalamic dysfunction include:

Genetic disorders
Growths (tumours)
Head trauma
Infections and swelling (inflammation)
Too much iron

From that list i'm sure you can rule quite a lot out. Have you ever had any head trauma? An MRI or CT scan of the hypothalamus may show some abnormality.
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I have had head trauma, maybe 3 episodes?

1, I was sitting under a diving board and my awesome bro jumped on it and smashed the top of my skull hard core.
2, Jet ski wreck, smashed face on front of a jet ski
3, got charged at by drunken freind who lifted me up as he was running, tripped and dropped me full force crashing the back of my head of cement.

Never had any tests though.

I have investigated adrenal fatigue and I believe that is very likely, but do you know any supplements to help that? There are so many...

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