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17 year old girl, UK

Hi everyone, I'll start with my first symptom I'd say for about 2 and half years nearly now I have been getting headaches, that I wouldn't class as your 'normal headache' they'd come usually around time of my period. Up until December last year I never made a fuss, I'd been to the doctors a few times and was just given 'take parocetomal' (which have now stopped working). In December I and my family noticed a change in myself at first my mum diagnosed me with depression and got me some counselling, then around Christmas time I had a blood test, as I'd been feeling tired, and weak going to sleep at like 8pm and struggling to get up for college. My test results came back along with a prescription for Iron and Folic Acid but nothing else, my mum called the doctor and they said my levels were a little low but now lower than the accepting range, but over the last week small activities have been too much for me, I have came home and cried after work, been extremely pal and my headaches have got really worse, It's always my right side that is more severe and feels like something is moving inside when I move my head, sometimes I don't feel like I have one but I move my head and it comes, I feel like the last few months I have really deteriated, I just know I don't feel right and myself. I went back to the doctor and they just send me on my way and don't really want know. Along with these symptoms, I've had stining near my vagina, I'm irritable, I don't want my partner touching me half of time, and my body aches when I do simple things, can anyone help?
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You need to get back to your doctor.  Choose the one in the practice that you know will listen.

You need to push that fact that you are unwell with these persistent headaches and that you would like for your headaches to be investigated.  If you don't push it, some doctors just don't bother.

With all the symptoms that you are having, it may still be low iron levels and this will make you anaemic.  This is why you will feel tired and look pale.  The doctor should arrange for a blood test to be taken and for it to be sent to the lab for testing.  Get a parent to go with you to the appointment and also ask the doctor to check your Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels as well as the iron levels.

Because you mention that your symptoms and moods are bad around the time of your period, it is highly likely that what you are experiencing (apart from the low iron levels) is what is called PMS (premenstrual syndrome) sometimes also called PMT (premenstrual tension).  To help with this and also for your anaemia, make sure that you have a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  If you are a vegetarian or do not eat meat and fish, you will need to get the vitamins and minerals in those foods, from other alternatives.

Cut out or drastically cut down on all junk food, processed foods, cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and alcohol.  Instead of white bread, eat the brown seeded one.  You may also benefit from Evening Primrose oil.  You can buy this from the Asda stores or from the health shop.  If you stick to a healthy and well balanced diet and have the Evening Primrose oil, you may find that your pre menstrual symptoms may be less or go altogether.  Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids and especially water so that you do not get dehydrated.

Your headaches may be because you are anaemic.  Anaemia will make you feel very tired too. Dehydration also can cause headaches.  Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure too.

With regard to your irritation near your vagina, it is highly likely that you have a fungal infection.  Do tell your doctor about that.  He may prescribe you with an antifungal cream to apply or may prescribe antifungal tablets for you to take by mouth.  You can purchase antifungal creams and pessaries as well as a 1 day course capsule (Fluconazole 100mg, costs £10 without a prescription) at the chemist without a prescription, but the doctor would be able to prescribe a stronger dose if it was needed.  The doctor can also arrange for the surgery nurse to take a swab of your genital area to send to the lab to find out if it is a fungal problem that you have.

As a home remedy you can apply natural set yogurt to your washed and dried private area, your boyfriend can do that to his penis if he experiences any itching.  You can apply it for as long as you need to.  As you are experiencing the irritation in your private area,  it is highly likely that your boyfriend too may have an fungal infection and you may need to be both treated at the same time.  Sometimes men do not get any symptoms.  It may be too that you may have an allergy to the latex condoms (I presume that you use these).  You can get latex free condoms and the family planning service would be able to provide you with those and also with KY Jelly (a lubricant) - you do not need to pay for these.

In the meantime, do not use any soaps, shower gels or bubble baths to wash down below.   They will irritate your private area more.  Use soaps that have the same pH level as our skin, soaps without perfume, baby washes should be fine.  Only wear cotton underpants as the manmade fabric ones and nylon ones will make you sweat which will encourage fungal and yeast growth.  Don't wear tights or tight clothing around your private area.  Always wipe your bottom from front to back and always wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating food.  

Do bear in mind too, that if you are ever prescribed with an antibiotic, that can bring on fungal problems and a doctor would give you a prescription for an antifungal cream or capsules at the same time if you remind him that you get fungal problems when taking antibiotics.

Hope you get sorted out very soon.

Best wishes.
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Although you do need to check with your doctor on any thoughts here, and rule out other problems, I'll share with you that I used to get severe headaches, accompanied by heavy periods and cramping.  A friend suggested that I may be vit A deficient and that I get the oil soluble vit A gels (over the counter.)  They come in 4000 to around 10,000 units.  (Regular vit A in vit pills is water soluble and not effective.) Within a short time after taking one of these a day I noticed the headaches and cramping were gone. The article said that along with exposure to bright lights, looking a lot at snow or reading a lot , plus rancid oils, overcooked oils or hydrogenated vegetable oils use up the body's supply of vitamin A.  Apparently the hydrogenated oils have a sort of a chink on the molecule that actually combs thru the body and removes the A.  With lowered A, the outer layer of cells die off on the skin, or the inner layer of cells in the arteries, uterus etc., causing the extra cramping, headaches and sometimes bumpy skin on the arms and legs.  This was years and years ago for me, and since then I carry a little bottle of vit A with me, and when that odd moving headache thing happens, or headaches and hurting eyes,  I almost always discover that I had been eating something that contained hydrogenated vegetable oil, or things like potato chips that are often overcooked.  You have to be careful and not take too much A - follow the bottle recommendation or your doctor's suggestion.  Hope that helps.  Besides that, for some reason the last few years people are getting dehydrated more than usual so - drink plenty of fluids.
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do go to the hospital and run complete blood count to check for your haemoglobin concentration, it could be anaemia but you need a thin blood film to diagnose which type of anaemia. do this first before you take the iron suplements to avoid iron overload
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Just to let you know eminence, that in the UK we only go to the hospital for emergency matters or when referred to the hospital by the doctor.  So the first step with long term health issues is to book an appointment to see the doctor.  The doctor would order blood tests and refer a patient to hospital specialists or other appropriate specialists or refer the patient for scans etc, if he felt this was needed.

Thank for your post and your suggestion.
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