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17 year old suffering hip hands and back chronic pain

my daughter who just turned 17 has been in a lot of pain for years- gradually it has intensified. a little back ground on her- when she was 6 she was diagnosed with Bicuspid Aortic Valve Insuff. on top of that her are her list of injuries- @ 10 she broke her T3 and shattered her T4-  @ 12 she dislocated her right shoulder warming up for softball (pitcher) at 13 she pulled her arm out of her socket just pulling her back pack out of her locker. @ 14 she did a slight turn in a one day dance clinic and shifted her knee cap. @ 14 she also broke her arch in her foot..all in between and chronic (daily - all day) she is aching ...her back is constantly hurting - sometimes excruciating - her arm now has aching pains that slowly move in her bones- she says now her fingers feel like they are being bent back ( several days now) we have been told by doctors that growing pains don't last this long.. so its not that. She cries due to the pain and we try and elevation the pain through Motrin.... tylonal arthritis.. patches.. ice and heat... and massages.. it makes it better for a moment but this is needed daily.. she is a healthy eater.. and drinks a gallon of milk every 2 days... she takes vitamins and calcium tablets.. we dont like to rely on prescription meds.. constant perscription pain meds are addictive and she doesnt want them... she is against them.. we have tried prayer and meditation and therapeutic stretches... dont know what else to do. Does anyone have any other ideas?  

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Find a chiropractor that also specializes in acupuncture, speak with an herbalist that is also a dietician that can adjust what she's "taking in/eating", and a physical therapist that is experienced and train to strengthen the areas around/supporting the injured areas.

With hope, this will treat the "system" - I'm guessing that cold weather is probably severely uncomfortable - if that's the case, a heating blanket to lie on (versus be covered with) at night may also be comforting.
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Too much milk will leach the calcium from her bones!!  Cut back on the milk.  It also hurts the thyroid. She should be taking Ipriflavone to build her bones and Essiac might help with the pain.  Also OPCs  aka Grapeseed extract and Vit. D3.   Has she been checked for Marfan's?  
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thank you for the information...i wasn't aware of any complications from drinking that much milk. the doctors know that all she prefers is milk and water. She drinks 2% milk because the whole milk upsets her stomach.. we sometimes get the almond soy milk as well- rarely though. i looked into the condition you mentioned as well and it seems she meets some of the symptoms but she doesn't have the long arms it mentions. but most of the symptoms do fit. i took her to the urgent car for Childrens hospital here and all they gave her for pain is T3 with codeine.. but something else showed up again- the bacteria that was in her urine in April is back again- it is called Staphylococcal Epidermidis- this same bacteria landed her in the hospital for a week 6 months ago- this bacteria only exists if you have something plastic inserted (ie catheter or shunt or wires) in your body- which she has none- or on the surface of your skin. THIS is in her urine for the second time this year. the pain is not better and smaller symptoms are happening- sweating, clammy, car sick feeling, a numbing feeling in her leg but she can feel her leg (if that makes sense) and another weird feeling in her back like some was holding an aluminum bat in their hands wrong while hitting a baseball- that vibrating feeling that shoots through your hands. I have to say also i know for sure that she is not sexually active at all and never has been. im proud to say she has vowed to wait till marriage- so i know anything that is going on with her is from any kind of STD or HPV. im going to take her back to urgent care tonight and mention what you wrote. Something- ANYTHING has to be looked at to figure this out. She is a natural straight A student and has a relaxed happy loving life. She honestly is a kid with no stress except for this- she doesn't even stress about her heart condition- she knows that will be fixed soon. we and especially me is very frustrated
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thank you for your reply ... i replied to another post as well on here- pretty lengthy - please take a look- we have purchased a heating blanket and thus far it is not helping.. i wish it would have been that simple. i have put my own TENS unit on her to see if it helps but with no luck.
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