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18 months of headaches and fevers

2-4 days per week on average, severe headaches (respond to excedrin, but not plain acetaminophen or ibuprofen), low grade fevers (99.2 - 99.8, does not lower with fever reducers), sometimes with neck pain.  Temperature is highest late morning and early afternoon and usually back to normal (97.5) by evening.  Occasional night sweats (always on days with fevers).  Only prescription meds are birth control for cramps (started after symptoms began) and adderrall (taken for many years before symptoms started) and excedrin as needed.  Started summer of 2020.  Less frequent early winter but started again February 2021 and has been 2-5 days a week since then.  Any ideas??
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Were you ever tested for Covid?  You could have long-haul Covid.  This started during the first heights of the original wave of covid and you have all the symptoms of it.  Now, that temperature isn't really that high and could just be how you are.  I tend to be low all the time.  Very few are really at 98.6.  Birth control can cause this, but you started that after this began.  Excedrin could be making the Adderall more potent, as Excedrin contains caffeine -- it's kind of a mild migraine remedy -- so that's also a possibility.  Obviously, a doctor would be a better source of info as they can examine you and do tests.  The fact the headaches are severe and respond to Excedrin and not the others is some suggestion it could be migraines, but mild ones as you don't report blurry vision or nausea and migraines are really bad headaches.  
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I had covid in February 2021 (about 8-10 months after symptoms started).  I was tested several times in 2020 (travel, exposure at work) and was always negative.  

I’ve been 97.5 average my entire life and that’s still my normal when I wake up in the mornings.  It’s late morning/early afternoon when my temperature is highest.

I only started the excedrin recently,  I used ibuprofen for the first year and it did nothing for the headaches.  The excedrin does make the headaches better, just doesn’t lower my temperature.  If I wake up hot or with a headache, I take a lower dose of adderrall knowing that I’ll need to take the excedrin.
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